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  1. Let's hope so. Even election fraud deniers should be happy with this. mspart
  2. We had a pineapple express come here last week. We had a flood watch and all. It has been clear without much rain since then. I wouldn't say it is BBQ weather but it is dry and warmer, highs in high 60s low 70s. But it is smelling really good in the house and outside right now. mspart
  3. Editing note. I was going to put a pic of Ted Nugent's stranglehold, but the system wouldn't let me. I'll see if a small one will work. Nope won't let me. You can go here if you need that Nugent fix: https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=cff19ea8ba3a868e&sca_upv=1&q=nugent+stranglehold&udm=2&fbs=AEQNm0Aa4sjWe7Rqy32pFwRj0UkWfbQph1uib-VfD_izZO2Y5sC3UdQE5x8XNnxUO1qJLaRfKvQK6KSkFrWZdGNeSbyP2dr2mnY9u0zJ7SRXxZukdQvpefeYMo5bAgmG4SG-q6yARfmBph5O0LNjhdD2xCeBeDkDFR4SZD_-MHskrc_zbF9gDOGlg8yLsZdsY-IRLnaS01bFfomRkQzZXXysIcQUke8wBw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiF8tjcw9mGAxUFMzQIHd32AgEQtKgLegQIEBAB&biw=1920&bih=899&dpr=1 mspart
  4. Got 4 pork butts smoking right now ahead of my wife's preschool end of year celebration. I did two in the smoker to smoke them up and pulled them out to put in the oven at 200F. I just put the other two in the smoker. I'm telling you what, this is looking really good!!! I figuree I'll let the 2nd batch stay in the smoker for a longer period of time. When I pulled the first set out, they were at 130F. I'll probably go a little longer with the 2nd set. Besides, the chips apparently weren't done smoking . I dropped them in our fire pit and they are smoking away out there, still burning. I injected with pineapple, brown sugar, salt, worstershire, soy, liquid smoke, and tabasco. I think it is going to be really really good. Tomorrow is the time of truth at the party. Ionel, if you are in the area, come on over. Just follow your nose! mspart
  5. That has always been the mantra. It hasn't worked so far. There is a tried and true method here that has been practiced ever since money was developed. Do spend more than you bring in. Period. You can say, we borrow for houses and cars. And if we can't make the payments such as in 2008, things go south real fast. We are a long way from not adding to the debt but we could be adding less and less actual dollars over the short term. Keep that static. The interest should stay static as well. Then we have our expenditures somewhat equal to or less than what is brought in. It's a trick as old as time. Don't spend more than you have. The Federales need to relearn that. mspart
  6. Let me put it another way, no sane person or country would buy our bonds if we refused to pay the interest. What would be the point? mspart
  7. RV-I don't think it would take drastic cuts. Cut budgets 10% and revenue will catch up in a little while. 2023 expenditures were 6.13 Trillion. Revenues were 4.44 Trillion. Deficit was 1.7 Trillion. We no longer have to spend for Covid. We shoudn't be spending a dime on illegal immigrants. There is room to cut budgets. Budgets can be easily cut by 10%, not cut 10% of the growth for next year, cut 10%. The only thing that can't be cut is the debt interest payments. It is well known that the federal goverment is extremely wasteful. https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/media/reps/dr-paul-releases-2023-festivus-report-on-government-waste/ WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released his 2023 “Festivus” Report, totaling ~$900,000,000,000 in government waste.Dec 22, 2023 If true, if 900B is wasteful, that can be gotten rid of without consequence. Then 800 Billion has to be cut. That is just over the 10% originally noted. mspart
  8. Yes, that is what will happen. if it gets too much we will just not pay it. That is the long storied history of governments who overextend. But then no one will give us their money anymore so something needs to be done now. But it won't. We are too addicted to free crap the gov gives. Obviously they don't give it, we pay for it. mspart
  9. Ted Baxter was a crazy character back in the day. Les Nesman was also one of those that was quirky and you never knew where he was coming from or where he was going. mspart
  10. You are a treat TPT. You twist and squirm to change what people say to make them demons. I did not equate myself to terrorists. Not even close. That is a lie you tell yourself with a smugness that allows you to think you are winning an argument. It is a ridiculous narrative you weave and everyone can see it. You might try something else, this isn't working for you. I have been very clear here about what I think. IDF goes after Hamas operatives. If they are hiding with civilians, and civilians get hurt or killed, that is on Hamas. I do not think IDF should or does target civilians. But if Hamas will use them as shields, that is on Hamas. Hamas should have thought about that before attacking innocent civilians in Israel on Oct 7. And it is apparent they did. Sinwa of Hamas wants casualties. He is very clear that more Gazan civilian casualties, the better. He is the monster you should be concerned with because he has very real power over there. I, who have been very clearly on the opposite of him, should not concern you one bit. And you know that but try to warp what has been written on here. Your fake outrage is very transparent. Your attempt to equalize me with terrorists is laughable. One of the worst comparisons I have ever heard. You need a new bag of tricks. mspart
  11. That is actually a salient point. The DOJ and other enforcement agencies will move if the alleged crime is the right crime or so it seems. mspart
  12. I read where A&W put out a 1/3 pounder priced the same as the McDs 1/4 pounder. Sales did not increase. They did a study and found most people thought the DQ was a worse deal because 3 is less than 4. https://awrestaurants.com/blog/aw-third-pound-burger-fractions Yes, normal people do not know fractions. Unbelievable! mspart
  13. Wow you just described the leader of Sinwa of Hamas. See what I did there? mspart
  14. https://www.crfb.org/blogs/interest-costs-just-surpassed-defense-and-medicare In the first seven months of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, spending on net interest has reached $514 billion, surpassing spending on both national defense ($498 billion) and Medicare ($465 billion). Overall spending has totaled $3.9 trillion thus far. They said we would get here and now we have. Debt is the #1 expenditure int he budget and that is not bringing any of the debt down. It is only paying the interest. We cannot keep going like this. mspart
  15. What presidents have been over 65 when they were elected? Seriously, I know Trump and Biden, but are there any others? How were they? mspart
  16. Not a complete answer, but I think at the very least, persons convicted of violent crimes should be able to have their 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Not just any felon, but those convicted of violent crime. Not sure about much else. Like I said, not a complete answer. mspart
  17. You are supposed to wait for the police to come in 4 hours if they ever make it and let them sort things out. There never is a need to take matters into your own hands. mspart
  18. Wondering when Biden uses his new EO to secure the border. mspart
  19. Wow RL. Just wow. mspart
  20. Yes, the Reverend Jim. Now that was a unique character and hilarious. He could not be a main character but who didn't want to at least see him a little in each episode? He was awesome. mspart
  21. Not my all time favorite, but Lucille Ball was certainly a fan favorite with at least 3 different series. She was a staple on TV during my childhood. Yep, I'm old. mspart
  22. Agent 86 was certainly a classic. Great stuff. Costanza also a great pick. mspart
  23. Hunter might be on the short list now that he is a convicted felon. Paisanos right? mspart
  24. I didn't even think Cartoon. I love foghorn and yosemite sam. Great characters. mspart
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