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  1. OK. I did not know that obviously. Don't have time to watch a Brands movie. I'll take your word for it. mspart
  2. At your age, what about my age!! Ask my kids, I've been around since the stone ages before computers and cell phones and video game consoles. mspart
  3. Sorry for missing the signals. I'm obtuse like that sometimes. mspart
  4. Perhaps Spencer is GOAT at his weight for NCAA. Certainly Cael is THE GOAT for NCAA. Period. Undefeated 4 years. Brands probably was not thinking of international competition when he said this. mspart
  5. You have to be enrolled to wrestle for the team. Insurance and all that stuff. mspart
  6. Just watching this is more entertaining probably than the actual match. mspart
  7. His last match I think went like this. He was not in as good a shape as in the past. That was obvious watching his matches before the finals. He wasn't as sharp, he couldn't get his reverse lift going. He wasn't as strong as in the past. All of that combined with Rulon's game plan that allowed him to do his best and provide for his best defense. He defended against the lift in a way I hadn't seen before but it was throwing Karelin off. He just had to stay in there and pummel. If not for the ridiculous clinch rule, Karelin could have won and maybe so, at least by criteria if it had stayed tied as Rulon was put down a few times. But he broke his grip and lost. But Rulon showed the heart of a champion in that match denying Karelin of his signature moves. I think if Karelin had come in at the same kind of strength and conditioning that he was known for, he would have won. But Rulon's game plan worked and Rulon won with a weakened Karelin. To show it was no fluke, he won WC the next year. So he was no joke. mspart
  8. He became a member of their national assy I think. mspart
  9. You'll end up with one of these that beats everything in its path. mspart
  10. Yes he said that. Is there any proof this is not going on? With the amount of drugs coming over the border I'd say he was correct on that one. Not everyone is a drug runner. But enough are getting through to make a real issue. https://www.judicialwatch.org/in-2019-over-90-of-illegal-aliens-arrested-in-u-s-had-criminal-convictions-pending-charges/ More than 90% of illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents in the United States last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings. Many had “extensive criminal histories with multiple convictions,” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) year-end report. The 123,128 illegal aliens arrested by the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in 2019 had 489,063 criminal convictions and pending charges, representing an average of four crimes per alien, highlighting the “recidivist nature” of the arrested aliens, the agency writes, noting that sanctuary cities nationwide greatly impeded its public safety efforts. So it would seem that he was correct on the second one. Not everyone is a rapist. But enough get through that it is an issue. Should there be more or less scrutiny of the people coming into our country to live? That is the basis of our coded immigration policy that is being ignored. mspart
  11. I'm guessing Schiff couldn't think of anything to say after that!! Ha ha. I'm not a big fan of Schiff. He's a conniving worm in my opinion who has no morals whatsoever and will do anything to get in the limelight. Granted there are other politicos the same, but Schiff is the biggest offender for me. I hope he loses his Senate race. Surely there has to be someone smarter than him in CA that can show everyone who he really is. mspart
  12. Not just figuratively, literally. He said he had proof Trump colluded with the Russians. The reason he has not disclosed his proof is because he doesn't have any. He lied straight to everyone in Congress and the American people. Here is a funny: Schiff on Twitter: “Elon Musk calls himself a free speech absolutist, to justify turning a blind eye to hatred and bigotry on Twitter. But when journalists report unfavorable news, they are banned without warning. The devotion to free speech is apparently not that absolute. But the hypocrisy is,” Musk on Twitter responding: “Thankfully, you lose your chairmanship very soon. Your brain is too small,” The truth cuts to the core!! mspart
  13. Please enlighten us all. Perhaps we are missing something. mspart
  14. Or pretty much ignore. Luchador - What does that article say? Perhaps there are other outlets with similar information. mspart
  15. Did we expect anything else? mspart
  16. Certainly not on that shop at that time. mspart
  17. What I can't find is what his sentence was. Did he do his 10 years or was it 20-30 years and he got out in 10. Don't know. Unfortunately it took 3 lives to get him behind for the rest of his life. mspart
  18. Government interfering with people's speech as evidenced by the twitter files, lefts are howling that Trump will break democracy if let back on Facebook as if the former won't. The inability to distinguish between one and the other is astounding. Perhaps they can distinguish and choose not to. mspart
  19. Yep, I've seen this too. They just want to do takedowns. mspart
  20. Agreed. Yes, this happens in MFS too. I think 20 seconds should be given if the person on top is actually actively trying something. Par terre should be emphasized way more. It's how you score after the takedown. Watching early Sadulaev should be mandatory. mspart
  21. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/25/facebook-will-reinstate-trump-after-two-year-ban.html Facebook letting Trump back on. Oh the humanity!! mspart
  22. https://www.11alive.com/video/news/local/why-are-protesters-occupying-cop-city-facing-domestic-terrorism-charges/85-46a24e1f-3c32-40c1-a092-5e5afefca6c4 https://www.foxnews.com/us/two-atlanta-riot-suspects-granted-bond-4-others-denied-domestic-terrorism-charges https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/19/us/atlanta-cop-city-shooting-domestic-terrorism-charges/index.html https://www.wabi.tv/2023/01/23/kennebunkport-man-charged-with-domestic-terrorism-second-time-georgia/ Not just a link but 4 links and there are lots more announcing the official charges. All from various different sources and political leanings. All report they are arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. What else would you call it? mspart
  23. How long was that price drop? Oil from the reserve was good for only a few days consumption. mspart
  24. Is he up to no good or is he prepared for a ne'er do well? mspart
  25. BP - Yep, you are living on the edge!!! Ha! mapart
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