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  1. Yeah, we have no real mom and pop shops here in the PNW. True. mspart
  2. Papa Murphy's is pretty good. No too much grease. In fact, we later found a place called Papa Aldo's (which merged with Papa Murphy's or became that), funny you mention that. mspart
  3. Classic projection. Look in the mirror LJB and say to yourself, "this applies to me as well". You are very lucky to be living now. That goes without saying. You would have a pretty rough life in any other time in history other than the last 100 years. Again goes without saying. What standards of today am I using to condemn Genghis Khan for his brutality of 1000 years ago? Was he not brutal? Was he not the killer of millions upon millions of people? Did those people have it coming? Is he a saint for having killed so many people? By what standard can you use to excuse his killing and brutality? He had a choice just like all of us do, kill people pretty much indiscriminately or don't. Does he have no blame for choosing the former? Surely based on your post, you can easily answer these questions. mspart
  4. When I was in college, we ate Dominos because it was so cheap. After a while, we got sick of how bad it was and stopped buying. I hadn't bought Dominos for decades after because of that. Then my kids said it was good and so I tried it and it was much better. But now, it is just too greasy and lacking in toppings, it is getting back to those old cardboard days. Their stock tumbled recently, makes me wonder if others are similarly affected. mspart
  5. Nice Ad hominem. Its almost like you have no knowledge or understanding of what you are talking about. You are essentially saying he was compassionate by not killing everyone in sight if they did what he wanted. And that is good. He was a good guy that allowed people to live their life and exercise their religion as long as they submitted to him. He was very tolerant because of this. Don't comply, you're dead. Much to admire there. Are you saying there is much to admire that the annihilation of 40 million people is outweighed by his compassion? mspart
  6. Sad initiated all of that. Pretty incredible. mspart
  7. No one, but sometimes it sneaks up when you do stupid death defying things. It happens. mspart
  8. Back to the mice, interesting that all the experiments ended the same way. With total annihilation. mspart
  9. Seems counter productive if you want to rule the world. Killing that many people leaves no one to rule. That's gotta be no fun really. mspart
  10. Eventually Darwin catches up to those types. mspart
  11. Plasi is such the jokester! mspart
  12. With a 2005 WC gold and a 2008 Oly gold, is there any question that Bouvaisar could not have added two more WC gold if he wanted to? I don't think there is a good argument for that. I think he got tired of it all but wanted that Oly gold in 2008. I think there might be an argument if Saitiev was not in the discussion for GOAT. mspart
  13. I think I can say honestly that this guy I know of didn't feel very alive, probably mostly dead. mspart
  14. Perhaps. I just looked on google and Khan dispatched 40 million. It says Stalin decimated 20 million. So maybe Khan is a better slaughterer. But just during the great leap forward in Mao's china, 45 million were killed in 4 years. Maybe they were only trying to check the population increase like Thanos. But I think they were just brutal and cruel murderers. mspart
  15. They have spent how much money shooting down kid's balloons? Not that they knew it before, but they are awfully jittery now when they were all calm when the real deal was happening. mspart
  16. Whoopi would never play second fiddle to that idiot. It would be Whoopi Lemon maybe. mspart
  17. They lost so many people? You make it sound like an accident. Stalin starved them out. He killed them, they were not lost. Stalin only compares to Mao for how many were sacrificed on the alter of communism. mspart
  18. Lucky you didn't do it down air stairs. Not much padding on those babies. mspart
  19. My brother-law's exe's new husband was a drag racer on bikes. After they divorced, he crashed at the finish. Not sure why. He barely survived. I don't know the guy just heard about it. I'm guessing his NEED for speed and racing bikes has been somewhat reduced. mspart
  20. I thought schools were gun free zones. But apparently nothing happened here other than the parents were not advised. Super needed to go. You don't do that. Period. It is not a cell phone etc as noted above. But you can kill with a cell phone if you try hard enough. Good thing that kid didn't pull the trigger. He'd be deaf in that bathroom if not seriously injured. I'd say that kid has had a decent edumacation about common sense. There's not much of that around anymore. mspart
  21. Hey Luchador, better pic!! mspart
  22. That was incredible mat awareness from Lee. Very impressive. mspart
  23. I know that WA has girls State. But during the normal season, the girls wrestle boys or don't wrestle. There are only a few teams that have a full girls team. I know at the HS that I volunteered at, we had a few girls the last few years but it was less than a couple each year. mspart
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