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Women's Assistant Labette Co. (KS)

Posted about 3 weeks ago by jstorm506

We are looking for a women's assistant coach at Labette County High School in Kansas. We are a separate program from the boys with our own practice area and with our own schedule. In 2020, we finished 10th in the state of Kansas (one division) with 2 state medalists. This past year, we started with 18 girls on our high school team (lost 6 due to Covid- including a state medalist). Of the girls we graduate 1 senior and have 2 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 7 freshmen. We also had 14 girls on our junior high team and 10 girls in our club. We are young, but growing to be a very competitive program.

We would like a female coach that can help with demonstrating technique and help with locker room supervision (since I am a male, it has made some of this difficult).

We have a few teaching positions within our school district opening up, if interested please contact