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How to choose an acceptable training classroom?

Posted about 2 weeks ago by officeriders

When looking for a rental classroom, you must consider a multitude of factors. Not only the dimensions of the room but also its location, the type of training to be given, etc.

Therefore, before setting out to rent a Training Room, you have to be very clear about your objectives and your needs.

Dimensions of the training room

The first thing you should look at when renting a classroom is its dimensions: a room that is too small or a space that is too large could ruin your training. For this reason, you will have to know, first of all, if the capacity of the classroom is sufficient for the number of students you have.
In general, you should calculate a space of 1.5m 2 per person, although the ideal would be to have 2m 2 if the characteristics of the training required larger Meeting Room spaces. In classrooms for more than 40 people, the minimum space could be reduced to 1.25m 2 per person.

The space that you need will depend not only on the number of students but also on the classroom furniture and its arrangement: it will not be the same to have a chair and table for each student than to accommodate them in spade chairs. The capacity of the classroom will also vary if you place the tables in a school format, or if, instead, you arrange them in a U-shape.

For example, in a 34m 2 classroom, we could comfortably accommodate 17 people in a U-shape or about 20, with a school layout.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is worth asking, before renting the classroom, if the furniture is fixed or if there is the possibility of moving it as it best suits you.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to visit the classroom prior to the training to see if the arrangement that we have thought fits well in the room.

Location of the training room

The location of the classroom is a fundamental element. The classroom must be in a place that can be easily reached by public and private transport. But beyond the ease of access, the choice of location will also tell a lot about your company and will decisively influence your image.

For this reason, the district where the classroom is located should be in accordance with our corporate image and, when in doubt, we will opt for central and well-known areas: a pleasant place well connected and with quality services around it will always improve the vision that students have you.