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Top Rides For Motorcycle Lovers In Australia

Posted about 3 weeks ago by robertmilian

Australia is a top tourist destination not only thanks to the amazing sights and wild scenery, wildlife and splendid fauna but also due to the rich selection of top gambling venues that passionate players can find here 24/7. If you dd not know this, Aussies are also huge fans of sports and their century-old interest is probably best expressed through their unconditional support for Australian rules (AFL) and rugby league (NRL). Whether Australians are better at sports at compared to other punters around the world is still a hot topic up for debate. However, if you would like to visit the country and have a real taste of its amazing culture and unforgettable landscapes while enjoying your motorcycling hobby, we have excellent news: Australia has lots of amazing open roads waiting for you.

Here is a brief list of some of the most interesting motorcycle rides you should include in your itinerary next time you are here.

Pass The Twelve Apostles On The Great Ocean Road

motorcycle ride

By far one of the most sought after motorcycle rides in the country, this 120km stretch starts at from Torquay and reaches Glenaire, while passing the world-famous limestones at the Twelve Apostles in Victoria. The limestones are considered one of the natural wonders of humankind and they are located near the Port Campbell National Park. Once you will get used to all the tourists there, you should start to truly enjoy the sweet ride and admire all the sights along with it. There are some truly mesmerizing towns across the coast and we are sure you are going to have a blast discovering each of them.

Ride Along The Picturesque Adelaide Hills in SA

This is an amazing 159km ride that begins in Golden Grove and runs all the way to Tea Tree Gully. If you are all into countryside sceneries sprinkled with corners, you will love riding the Adelaide Hills and make brief stops at the local restaurants, cafes and wineries you will come across.

Ride The Kangaroo Valley

If you are into scenic suburbs, national parks and breathtaking waterfalls, you are in for a real treat, This ride has it all and it starts on the Princess Highway located in Kirrawee. You will pass the Royal National Park and The Macquarie Pass where you will want to stop to capture the unique beauty of the waterfall that is more than 800m long. You should get ready for a motorcycle ride of more than 115 km.

Ride From Waucope To Walcha On The Oxley Highway

By far another highly popular and sought after motorcycle ride in the land Down Under, the Oxley Highway ride is no less than 165km. The sweet ride starts at Wauchope and it is beautifully carved with loads of twists and turns to keep your heart happy and your mind busy nonstop. If you are a huge fan of corners, you are going to adore this ride. However, the ride will also surprise you with some gorgeous views of the spectacular rainforest and the mountainy landscapes, so make sure you add the right on your bucket list and plan a trip here soon.

Road Like A Lion On The Lions Road

The Lions Road offers an amazing Scenic Rim across 96km that strands the borders of New South Wales and Queensland. We guarantee you are going to remember this ride for the rest of your life, so make sure to include on your next itinerary as well. Book some hotels along the way and pack all your necessary gear to make sure nothing will stop you from making the most of your ride.

Catch A Ride In Tasmania

If you are ready to catch a ride from Strahan to Derwent Bridge in Tasmania, you are going to love starting at Strahan on the west coast and reach the A10 all the way to Queenstown, then reach Derwent Bridge. You will also come across the famous 99 Bend Road and find out where the name comes from.

This is a 130km ride that will introduce you to a few mountains that are listed at the World Heritage. Along with the greenery and wide open roads crossing them, you are going to love this heaven for riders.