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Are we aware of the dangers in cloud environments?

Posted about a month and a half ago by chreddis

This model offers great advantages. The first of these is personalization when hiring services (advice from, since they can be adapted to the needs of organizations and individual users. But that is not the only advantage, Cloud services are cheaper and save costs. In addition, they are characterized by being easily accessible (as they only need to have internet access) and allow information to be retrieved in the event of any incident.

The cloud services not only provide benefits for people but also for the environment because they significantly reduce the ecological footprint to the manufacturing reduce hardware. Furthermore, it is calculated that Cloud services could cut air pollution by 85.7 million metric tons per year in 2020. Therefore, it is a very interesting model that offers great benefits for all.
What are the risks associated with using the cloud

But are we aware of the risks associated with using the cloud? It is true that Cloud Computing offers, in general terms, a security environment on the Internet, but total security is closer to a utopia than to reality. Cyber ​​attackers are aware of the role that processes in the cloud are taking and are able to attack it, sometimes with success. What's more, attacks on Cloud applications have grown by 65% ​​during the first half of 2019. In these types of attacks, brute force or intelligence techniques are often used to decipher user passwords and access their information.


A very common method is through phishing attacks. These attacks consist of sending fraudulent emails in order to trick users into revealing their access credentials to a service.

The main danger of being a victim of a cloud attack is related to the data and information stored there. The Cloud provider can suffer an attack, a technical problem or any incident that causes a user or organization to be unable to access the information or worse still: the information has been lost or stolen. In addition to the danger that exists around the data, the people and organizations that contract services of this type depend on them, therefore, in the event of an interruption or fall of the Cloud service, the operation of the users would be totally paralyzed.

Internet dependency

Another of the main risks in Cloud environments is total dependence on the internet to access any service. Therefore, if there is a failure in the internet connection, the user could not have access to them.

How we can protect the information in the cloud

Although security in the cloud is not something that can be guaranteed 100%, it is useful to follow a series of recommendations before hiring a Cloud service. The first is to know if the service complies with the enforceable security measures that guarantee the integrity, privacy, confidentiality, and recovery of the information. Therefore, it is crucial to know where the servers that will store the data are located, and if the country that hosts them has adequate legal guarantees to protect them.

In this sense, it is equally important to know if third parties intervene in the management of the contracted Cloud services and if the secure deletion of the data is guaranteed when requested or when the provision of the services ends.

Once a Cloud service is hired, it is advisable to review the default settings, have strong and unique passwords for each service, encrypt the information and limit and classify it.