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How does infantilism ruin relationships?

Posted about a month and a half ago by SharonJGreen

Now it is often said that there are not enough "normal" men: all are some infantile, immature, irresponsible... and this is not only said by women, but also by men. The common myth that "by 30 normal men have already been dismantled" is supported by both sexes.

It is profitable for everyone to believe in this: girls-because they can suffer, blame men and do nothing with themselves; boys-to elevate themselves against the background of these "immaturity" or to justify their own failure of the time (they say, all our generation is now like this). But in our time, infantilism really gushes over the edge. Many girls find a partner on a Dating site, but you need to understand that in correspondence and in life, a person can be very different, even with video chat strangers, people do not always get to know a person until the end, so I advise you to pay great attention to the knowledge of a person, and not immediately go to a meeting. And this is typical for both sexes (may women forgive me for the unsightly truth). There are a million consequences to this, and one of them is a huge confusion about who should do what in a relationship. I propose to sort out this relationship mess, that is, to talk about how infantilism can ruin any way to build relationships in a couple.

In General, there are three options for distributing roles in the psychology of relationships: Patriarchy, matriarchy, and partnership. That is, the main one is either he or she, or decisions are made jointly. And vile infantilism managed to launch its paws into one scenario.


In women, infantilism blooms in such a fantasy: someone big and strong will come, guess all her desires, solve problems and be responsible for everything-all her experiences. She will sit in a dress, dangle a leg and pop her eyes. Curiously, the fantasy of "everyone owes me" is strongly believed by both girl-girls and violent feminists (although both of these categories do their best to show how different they are from each other). The first believe that a man "should", because she is beautiful, obedient and all such Vedic. The second — because for too long society has belittled them, and now you can in response izgalyatsya over the stronger sex. Avenge the wrongs.

Infantile men see the Patriarchal system as follows: I brought money to the house-so all other issues do not concern me. Tolerate her PMS, talk to her, spend time together, take into account her opinion when making decisions — it's all unnecessary, it also brings money. So let the woman sit at home and please him in every possible way. Patriarchy, th. Or here's another option: washing dishes and cooking is a woman's business, so let her do it. I don't care if she has a broken arm, three jobs, and two kids. He's a man, so only a man's business will be busy. Quite "fun" happens when the Patriarchal-infantile uncle believes that his parental role is to be present during conception, and then let her raise, educate and change diapers. As a bonus to such relationships, he gets satisfaction at the expense of the woman of his exorbitant ego, she is happy (for a short time) with her concern. But the aunt pays for all this freebie with complete submission and dependence.