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Practical Tips for Writing A Formal Essay

Posted about a month ago by WriteMyEssay

A formal essay is a type of writing that not only includes essays but also letters, applications and reports in a formal style with a strong vocabulary. Such types of essays are specific, focused and to the point. Correct grammar, punctuation and standard language are also observed. Students try to look out for "custom essay" help to take advantage.

Structure of Formal Essays?

The structure of a formal essay consists of the following parts:

  • Title: It is the name of the essay that reflects the main theme.

  • Introduction: This part should have 2-4 short sentences covering the main idea of the topic and its historical background. It will also include a thesis statement.

  • The Main Body: It consists of 3-5 body paragraphs containing all the information about the topic. Each body paragraph will contain a single idea that will be supported by solid evidence. These paragraphs will begin with a topic sentence.

  • Conclusion: This section will summarize the entire essay into a few sentences. It will also restate the main arguments and will discuss the writer’s contribution to the subject area.

Steps for Writing A Formal Essay

  1.  Choosing A Topic: Two options are available during the topic selection. Either your professor has already assigned you with a topic or you are free to choose on your own. Select a topic of your interest if you are choosing the topic yourself.

  2.  Writing the Thesis Statement: This statement should be an opinion or claim that will present the main argument. It should answer all your research questions. Moreover, it is also a part of the introductory paragraph.

  3.  Writing an Impressive Introduction: Include brief information about the topic and state the thesis statement in the last sentence. It makes it interesting to grab the reader’s attention.

  4.  Writing Body Paragraphs: Every idea should be discussed in a new single paragraph. Moreover, the first sentence of each body paragraph should be the topic sentence.

  5.  Writing a Conclusion: Summarize the data and do not add any new information. Also, indicate that the thesis statement is proven fully.

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