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Need Writer for Resume Writing

Posted about a month ago by MatGibson

When it comes to writing a resume for a job, it can be a very frustrating, not mentioning daunting experience. You look up numerous resume templates and resume formats hoping that one of these resume formats and resume templates can help you out. But while you sitting to write a resume, you should not forget to put aside enough time to write your cover letter. When writing resumes, many people overlook the importance of the cover letter and hand in a strong resume with a less-than-stellar cover letter. The cover letter makes the first impression of the applicant as it is being read before the resume. if the cover letter is poorly written, the potential employer will not be reading you resume and there is a less than likely chance you will land an interview. Here are some great tips from affordable resume writing services by ResumeThatWorks to ensure your resume will be read by employers.
1) Always write using conventional English.
Dear Mr. Jones: I recently saw your listing online requested experienced administrative assistants for a brand new position within your business. I was extremely elated to learn that you are looking for an individual with the necessary skills and traits I possess and can bring to the job. If at all possible, I would like to set up a time to meet with you and discuss the specifics of the job, as well as demonstrate that I can uphold the mission statement of your company.
2) Write down any unique abilities you possess
While working at XYZ Incorporated for five years, I retained numerous opportunities to directly contact clients, answered questions, and assisted them in making decisions regarding the services and products to utilize. My stamina and effort resulted in an increase in revenue and sales for XYZ Incorporated. They know how to write my essay at EduJungles.
3) Always end your cover letter with a personal “thank you”
I want to thank you for reading over my resume. I appreciate it and look forward to setting up an interview and meeting your acquaintance in person.
Here is a good example of a short but effective cover letter:
Thank you very much for placing an advertisement on for an executive assistant. I have more than ten years of professional experience assisting previous employers in similar roles. I know that I can effectively contribute my developed skills to your company, including problem-solving, multi-tasking, organization, and dependability.
I would like to set up a time for a personal interview. I am excited to learn about the expectations you have for the individual you opt to hire. I want to demonstrate my ability to work hard to meet these expectations. Please provide a time and date that is perfect for you and you can expect me to be there!
Why does this cover letter work? It is short and to the point, it answers the needs of the employer, how you found out about the job, it demonstrates confidence, and it inquires about setting up an interview.