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How to Apply the teachings of 2019 to the safety of 2020

Posted about a month ago by martinsmith

What keeps executives up at night? consistent with the planet Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2019 Executive Opinion Survey, it’s cyberattacks. When reflecting on 2019, it’s clear why that's. From healthcare and insurance to manufacturing and telecommunications, cybercriminals spared no industry from their schemes, with a couple of key verticals bearing the brunt of this year’s attacks. It comes as no surprise that financial services, insurance, and healthcare were popular targets, given their proximity to sensitive, easily-monetizable data. a touch more surprising, however, is that the similarities between breaches across industries and organizations. Below, I’ll recap notable incidents from 2019, expand upon their commonalities, and explore a couple of lessons to find out as we enter a replacement year. visit@- |