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22 hours ago, scourge165 said:


I don't know and I don't think anyone can other than Amos...but he was...kinda taking it to Allred until he tweaked it. 1st period he was in on a few shots(actually attacking), finally got the TD after a couple of nice attacks. Had a cradle locked up and Allred IMO should have been hit with a fleeing.

2nd, Amos was riding pretty hard. Amos gave up a reversal. Somewhere in this sequence is when he hurt the knee(tweaked it, whatever). But he was the aggressor and on the attack UNTIL that sequence.

Then in the 3rd he was obviously struggling. He took an awful shot with absolutely nothing behind it and Allred went behind for an easy TD. He did nothing on bottom in the 3rd.

So he goes from 2-1 on his way to riding time(~45 seconds) to a reversal, a sloppy shot, then in the 3rd a JV type shot attempt and ends up giving up a stalling point.

I'm skeptical that Allred is 7-2 better than Amos, again, especially given the first ~4 minutes...but it wasn't my knee and I couldn't even see what happened...not that it takes much.


And yes, I would not be surprised to see Assad and Warner lose to Pinto, Santa Maria and Allred come March. They're both studs and look solid.

I think this is a very reasonable take on the match.  Amos was taking it to Allred pretty good before the knee tweak.

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On 2/1/2023 at 8:05 PM, scourge165 said:

Amos hurt his knee in this match. Allred is a stud.

I don't know how much it impacted the outcome...but not sure there's that big of a gap. Also...not sure why Amos doesn't shoot anymore(Aside from what sounds like a minor knee injury). 

Injury completely changed the match if we are being honest.  

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On 2/1/2023 at 8:28 PM, jajensen09 said:

I don't think it affected the outcome,  being there live. Could really see Allred and pinto beat iowa guys come match

It affected the outcome in a huge way.  Amos could hardly move the last half of the match.  

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On 2/1/2023 at 9:28 PM, jajensen09 said:

I don't think it affected the outcome,  being there live. Could really see Allred and pinto beat iowa guys come match.

ME: "I'm the biggest homer there ever was. I have an ILLINI WRESTLING lunchbox that I made myself using a 3-D printer."

JAJENSEN09: [***** slaps me in the face with this comment]

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On 2/2/2023 at 8:22 PM, jajensen09 said:

Lol what?? Allred controlled the match

Yes...after the injury. 

I literally just broke it down(not in terms of time, but in terms of posts). 

Came out 1st period, shot several times. 2:18 has a cradle locked up. Allred kicks out of bounds. Cradle...could easily have been 2. Also...probably should have been called for fleeing the mat as Amos went from the cradle, looked up at the ref, no points, then went to the single, tried to pull him back in, but Allred is diving out.

2:00 Amos in on a single, working around behind. Potentially dangerous called. 

1:30-Amos takes a shot, comes up, hits Allred with a throw, 2 TD Amos.

30 second ride, Amos cuts Allred

:30 seconds left, Amos takes another shot.

End of period, Allred takes a nice shot...time runs out.

2nd period 

~1:30 Amos riding, this is when he hurts his knee somewhere in here. 

Allred gets a reversal. Goes from Amos 2-1 and a few seconds short of riding time to Amos on the bottom. 

3-2 Allred

3rd period-Neutral

Amos goes to take a shot at about 1:50 and comes up again limp. Can't shoot. Still 3-2 Allred. 


That's...not "controlling the match. That's scoring a couple late TDs when Amos can't shot. 1st period, no problem getting in. Not finishing. 3rd period...can't even finish a basic shot and is later taken down on a shot. 



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On 2/3/2023 at 9:57 PM, Royalfan said:

I never said he was dominating the match or close to dominating the match.  The match changed big time after Amos got injured however.  


I literally don't reacall ANYONE using the term "dominating." 

Controlling the match. Amos was CONTROLLING the match until the injury. Apparently not much happened. He was dealing with a knee injury(who isn't dealing with one) and when he came to his feet when he was riding in the 2nd, he tweaked it and probably should have shut it down. 

But again, being as it's not my knee, I think it's a LITTLE funny to say the injury had no impact on a match that was controlled by one guy prior to the injury and then the other guy after the injury...because you were "there." 

Lots of people were there. I promise most of them don't know how big of an impact this had either. 


Also...doesn't REALLY matter. You lose, you lose. People don't care why. People don't care that a healthy Mekhi Lewis is the prohibitive favorite if he's healthy in '21 at 165. They know who did win. So...I don't even know why this is a point of emphasis. 

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