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5 hours ago, Gus said:

His duck unders are so slick. Sometimes it looks like he is slightly surprised with just how deep he is getting on his shots. 

Haha he does! Great way to describe it. I'm really excited to see what he turns into if he commits to the lifestyle, gets comfortable with the weight, gets familiar with how the competition reacts to his shots, etc. I get the feeling he's just never had to think about a lot of that stuff before and now there's a whole new level of understanding and analysis that he's been doing on autopilot with great success. Crazy potential with that guy!

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    David Alonso

    Palm Desert, California
    Class of 2024
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    Anthony Berg

    Whitney, California
    Class of 2024
    Committed to Cal Poly
    Projected Weight: 149, 157

    Alex Hutchcraft

    Smithville, Missouri
    Class of 2024
    Committed to Chattanooga
    Projected Weight: 157
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