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U23 Draws Are Out

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61 KG - Chlebove pulled back in.  Russo he lost to won easily 10-0 in a first period Tech.  Has Mezhlum Mezhlumyan of Armenia in Round 1 of Repechage for the right to face Ivan Hramyka of Belarus in the Bronze match.  Chlebove is the only one who has shown a sign of life against the Russo so far.  I like his odds to make the Bronze medal match.

74 KG - O'Toole pins the Tar Heel with relative ease.  Up 4-0 at the break and pins him to start the second period.  O'Toole has Imam Ganishov, a Russo, in the finals.  Ganishov was a U17 world Bronze at 54 KG in 2017.  O'Toole was still in diapers then, but I like his odds to win here.

86 KG - Brooks up 5-3, givesup a C1 for negative wrestling.  Wins 5-4 over Russo's #1, Bagaev.  He now has Tatsuya Shirai of Japan in the finals.  Shirai beat Hidlay in last years U23 finals via 3-3 Decision.

92 KG - Cardenas is pulled back in and will face Satoshi Miura of Japan in Round 1 of Repechage.  Not much about him is easy to be found aside for him being primarily a Greco guy in the past.  Winner faces Pruthviraj Babasaheb of India for Bronze.  Guy has been wrestling everywhere for India this year, has a past 12-2 loss to Rocky Elam at U17 in 2021 via 12-2 Tech.  It will be a match.

125 KG - Hendrickson beat the Greek and will face Adil Misirci, a Turk.  Has been on the circuit a while, but never has really made that next step.  I do think he is better than Khosonov and that was a tough on for Hendrickson.  Misirci beat Catca at U17s in 2019 via 7-4 Decision at 110 KG.

I think three golds and two bronze are well within reach.

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As a reminder:

All finals will be at 12:00 PM US - Eastern for the balance of the tournament.

The remaining semi-finals will all be at 10:45 AM US - Eastern for the balance of the tournament.

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If there are any haters left out there, there is still room on the Hendrickson bandwagon. It filled up pretty quick at NCAAs last year but that's okay because we just added more space. I've been trying to tell you all...

i am an idiot on the internet

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