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38 minutes ago, MPhillips said:

Very first song posted in this thread. I've also seen Whipping Post live, but not with Duane.

Here's their set from that evening. With a Bill Graham introduction.🍑


I saw Gregg Allman do it. I'm not old enough to have seen Duane. I was 2 when he died. 

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i have on occasion wanted to make one of my typical LJB comments about you guys stepping into the 90's with your music...

you know... just me being me... amusing myself...

then i took a couple of seconds contemplation and had to admit to myself much waylon i have been listening to in the last couple of years when previously i had not...

timeless really is timeless...



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4 minutes ago, MPhillips said:

@LJBI'd rather have Sr. than Jr. but I've seen Jr. a couple times.

My ol' man had a band and they played primarily Sr. and some of the other old timers.

Hank Sr. was the original Outlaw of Country and the original Rock n Roller...

some say bob wills was the original rocker, but, i feel you...

i grew up in cain's watching all sorts of shows...

was never into any country until i watched willie nelson play there and that old man played for 3 hours straight with no breaks...

when i listen to bob wills and senior and similar all i hear is punk rock...


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