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2023 World Wrestling tournament...

D3 for LU

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13 minutes ago, Spladle08 said:
19 minutes ago, Pinnacle said:
He probably is. Also the best current wrestler except for those that wish to vault the 20 year old over top to #1. 

I thought John Smith was a 2x NCAA champ . Don't discount the old man

Burroughs was also a two-timer.

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16 minutes ago, Grecojones said:

If Taylor wins the Oly gold next year does he eclipse JB? Man have we ever been blessed with talent this last decade. 

I think all-time and p4p rankings are fun, but they don't really mean much. Too many variables involved. JB and Taylor are both really fun to watch, and they both have proven themselves over and over.

That said, if Taylor wins a second Olympic title, it would indeed be special. I think among US wrestlers, only Smith and Baumgartner have done that.

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46 minutes ago, Spladle08 said:

Just watched the Eric O and Weebs clip.
Ever since his little needless tantrum about the Russian entrants, he just bothers me. Replace him with David Letterman or somebody

Eric O is a no-balls child of a Michigander.

I may legitimately de-patriotize that turdbiscuit myself next time he tries to speak out of line without his Daddy's (Justin Basch) permission.

Greasy-haired little bitch.

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