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Community Colleges wrestling circuit starts its season...

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The Community Colleges 2023-'24 wrestling season has gotten underway... albeit in California (where there are presently nearly two dozen active men's CC wrestling teams).  For more info on that front:


Wouldn't it be nice to have more CC & junior college wrestling teams nationwide?   California consistently demonstrates that maintaining a healthy quantity can be achieved, and with suspenseful team title chases keeping things interesting, too.        

   Elsewhere in the USA, there are around 55 community college / JUCO wrestling teams for men:


Meanwhile we are seeing some community colleges & JUCOs launch club teams:


    There are now reportedly nearly two dozen JUCO / CC wrestling teams for women, too:


    Community colleges are affordable, and at least in theory...embraced by their local communities.   That means they are, in theory, less likely to shut down like Alderson Broaddus (in West Va.) seems to be doing (while alumni resistance is growing, FWIW, including from the wrestling community).  

   Hopefully more CC & JUCO wrestling programs will emerge nationwide...   Might the schools nearest you be next to add wrestling?   🙂



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3 hours ago, CHROMEBIRD said:


Perhaps FloWrestling ?   Either way, I'm glad to see that you're interested in the topic.   It seems like community colleges will be among the most resilient colleges despite:

 http://www.USDebtClock.org .   

Meanwhile there seems to be so much growth potential for wrestling at the CC & JUCO levels:


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The winners in the college crisis are largely going to be JuCos and public universities. Their costs are lower, they offer more programming and they receive state and federal tax funding beyond FAFSA filings. This route has ALWAYS been sensible, and will be there long after most of these other places fade into obscurity.

In terms of wrestling CCCAA and NJCAA offer great options for student-athletes, and wrestling fans!

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