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Is Jason Nolf the most under appreciated 3xer ever ?

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4 minutes ago, Jason Bryant said:

Part of the issue, IMO, with guys like Jones and even further back in time like Simons, is wrestlers from non-power programs don’t have the vocal fanbases to continue to talk about them as much.

Most of the legends in the pre-internet era could be deemed under-appreciated.

Normally I might agree but I’m arguably the biggest WVU fan on this board and still would say Nolf 

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10 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

Idk how pat smith fits into it but Greg Jones and Ed Ruth are the 2 that I considered when making this statement , but decided on Nolf bc his 2 loses were freshman year to a 2xer, Jones didn’t even AA as a sophomore and Ruth lost his sr year and then won a close rematch with dean at ncaas 

it sounds like you're trying to say "Jason Nolf is the best 3xer." not "Jason Nolf is the most under appreciated 3xer."

Jason Bryant works here. 

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