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time machine college fantasy match


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Sanderson vs Hodge;

How much Hodge can fit on one mat?

Steveson vs McCready;

Much talk about Gable as the heavyweight GOAT. This match would offer proof for me.

Dake vs Stieber;

Battle of the 4 timers. If Yanni completes the 4 pack he and Dake can battle for the Cornell crown.

Nolf vs Schalles;

It's been posted for a good reason. The most creative wrestler I've ever seen against the most creative wrestler I've ever heard of.


For my own selfish reasons,

Nikal vs Banach, Ruth vs Gutches, Abas vs Retherford, Gable vs Metcalf, Yanni vs Burroughs, Snyder vs Cassar.







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