Semifinals, finals of National Duals in Stillwater

It was announced on Sunday night that Oklahoma State will host the semifinals and finals of the 2012 NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals for Division I, which will take place Sunday, Feb. 19, at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater, Okla.

Gallagher-Iba Arena
Oklahoma State, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota won their regionals this past weekend to earn spots in the semifinals.

Minnesota, Missouri, and Northern Iowa also put in bids to host the semifinals and finals. Northern Iowa pulled its bid earlier in the week, and Missouri was taken out of consideration after losing to Minnesota in the regional finals on Saturday night. So ultimately it came down to Oklahoma State or Minnesota hosting.

"It was a very difficult decision," said NWCA executive director Mike Moyer. "We had discussions among our executive committee. What it really boiled down to is that we felt the fairest way of doing it was to award it to the highest-seeded team. In this case, Oklahoma State had beaten both Iowa and Minnesota during the year."

According Moyer, financial ramifications were also taken into account.

Oklahoma State hosted a regional at Gallagher-Iba Arena on Sunday. After the Cowboys built an insurmountable lead against Ohio State and clinched a berth in the semifinals with two matches remaining in the dual meet, an announcement was made to the fans in attendance at Gallagher-Iba Arena that Oklahoma State will host the semifinals and finals. Tickets went on sale before fans left the arena on Sunday night.

Mike Moyer
"There is certainly value in that," said Moyer of tickets being sold on Sunday night. "These next five days are going to go by extraordinarily quickly. The thought of just starting from scratch somewhere and trying to get done what needs to get done in five days would be really, really challenging."

Moyer said that Minnesota will have plenty of opportunities to host the National Duals in the future, and that Gopher coach J Robinson has the longest streak of any coach for supporting the National Duals.

"J Robinson is an absolutely fantastic ambassador for our sport," said Moyer. "He has been relentless in promoting the value of these National Duals. I hope he feels really, really good about what went down this weekend. I'm certain there will be many opportunities for him to host various aspects of the National Duals in the future. He's demonstrated that he does a great job marketing and promoting and certainly deserves the opportunity to host many of them going forward."


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vulture (1) about 11 years ago
If Cornell was top seeded, would they have sent IOWA, OKST, and Minnesota, out east? "NO"