Collegiate Weight Class Rankings for Class of 2023 Recruits

#1 recruit in the Class of 2023 Meyer Shapiro (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

With recruiting rankings on the horizon (next week), we thought about doing something different yet giving the readers some recruiting-related fun. Today, we're looking at the ten collegiate weights and how the Class of 2023 projects at these weights.

For this exercise, we've used MatScouts Class of 2023 Big Board along with the projected weights listed for each recruit. If they are listed at two weights, they have been placed at the lightest weight.

What we found were some weights that are absolutely loaded and a few that were…not. Some recruiting trends (hard to recruit certain weights) proved to be true, too.


There's a reason why coaches struggle to find "lifetime" 125 lbers. Even with this list, I'd expect maybe half of the 15 wrestlers to move up to 133 at some point. Moreso than most weights, 125 lbers find their way into the lineup in year one. I don't think that's necessarily accurate with this group.

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