How Will Cody Chittum's Addition Impact the Iowa State Lineup?

Iowa State head coach Kevin Dresser (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Yesterday, Iowa State gave the college wrestling world a bit of a jolt as the Cyclones received a verbal commitment from top recruit Cody Chittum. Word leaked out of Iowa City that Chittum might consider leaving the University of Iowa where he had been training (while not enrolled) during the 2022-23 school year. As we were trying to figure out if those rumors had legs, the StaleMates media group produced a graphic that stated Chittum had given the Cyclones a verbal.

With Chittum aboard, fans are ready to slide Chittum into the ISU lineup between Paniro Johnson and David Carr to form a formidable set of middleweights. That may end up being what Iowa State looks like during the 2023-24 season; however, Cyclone head coach Kevin Dresser has plenty of options between 133 and 157 lbs.

We decided to explore some of the options that Dresser and staff will have to work with, focusing on 141 through 157 lbs

Straight Forward

141 lbs: Casey Swiderski
149 lbs: Paniro Johnson
157 lbs: Cody Chittum

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