2023 Big Ten Championships: By the Numbers

Roman Bravo-Young in the 2023 Big Ten finals (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

ANN ARBOR, MI - The 2023 Big Ten Wrestling Championships wrapped up Sunday with Penn State hoisting the team trophy for the first time since 2019. The Nittany Lions scored 147 points, followed by Iowa with 134.5 and Nebraska with 104.5.

The Nittany Lions also led all other teams in number of champions, finalists and semifinalists, while Iowa was the only team with 10 placewinners and 10 NCAA qualifiers.

Here's a breakdown of which teams had the most finalists, placewinners, qualifiers, bonus-point wins and more:

Final team scores

Penn State: 147
Iowa: 134.5
Nebraska: 104.5
Ohio State: 99
Michigan: 84.5
Minnesota: 79
Northwestern: 78.5
Wisconsin: 55.5
Purdue: 47
Illinois: 46.5
Rutgers: 32
Indiana: 30
Michigan State: 28
Maryland: 24

Teams with the most:

Number of champions

Penn State: 4 (RBY, Haines, Starocci, Brooks)
Iowa: 2 (Lee, Woods)
Nebraska: 1 (Allred)
Michigan: 1 (Parris)
Ohio State: 1 (Sasso)
Wisconsin: 1 (Hamiti)

Number of finalists

Penn State: 6 (RBY, Haines, Starocci, Brooks, Dean, Kerkvliet)
Nebraska: 5 (Cronin, Hardy, Robb, Labriola, Allred)
Iowa: 3 (Lee, Woods, Kennedy)
Minnesota: 2 (Nagao, Blockhus)
Ohio State: 2 (Sasso, Romero)
Wisconsin: 1 (Hamiti)
Michigan: 1 (Parris)

Number of semifinalists

Penn State: 7 (RBY, Bartlett, Haines, Starocci, Brooks, Dean, Kerkvliet)
Iowa: 6 (Lee, Woods, Murin, Kennedy, Warner, Cassioppi)
Nebraska: 5 (Cronin, Hardy, Robb, Labriola, Allred)
Minnesota: 5 (McKee, Nagao, Blockhus, O'Reilly, Salazar)
Ohio State: 5 (Mendez, Sasso, Kharchla, Smith, Romero)
Michigan: 4 (Ragusin, Amine, Finesilver, Parris)
Wisconsin: 2 (Hamiti, Hillger)
Northwestern: 2 (DeAugustino, Tal Shahar)
Indiana: 1 (G. Rooks)
MSU: 1 (Saldate)
Purdue: 1 (Coleman)
Illinois: 1 (Z. Braunagel)

Number of placewinners

Iowa: 10 (Lee, Woods, Murin, Kennedy, Warner, Cassioppi, Teske, Siebrecht, Brands, Assad)
Penn State: 9 (RBY, Bartlett, Haines, Starocci, Brooks, Dean, Kerkvliet, Van Ness, Facundo)
Minnesota: 7 (McKee, Nagao, Blockhus, O'Reilly, Salazar, Bergeland, Foy)
Ohio State: 7 (Mendez, Sasso, Kharchla, Smith, Romero, D'Emilio, Orndorff)
Wisconsin: 7 (Hamiti, Hillger, Barnett, Zargo, Wilson, Amos, Hillger)
Michigan: 7 (Ragusin, Amine, Finesilver, Parris, Medley, Lamer, Lewan)
Northwestern: 7 (DeAugustino, Tal Shahar, Cannon, Thomas, Chumbley, Mayfield, L. Davison)
Nebraska: 6 (Cronin, Hardy, Robb, Labriola, Allred, Pinto)
Rutgers: 5 (Peterson, Heilmann, Turley, Soldano, McDermott)
Purdue: 4 (Coleman, Ramos, Filius, Copass)
Illinois: 4 (Z. Braunagel, Byrd, D. Braunagal, Ruth)
Indiana: 3 (G. Rooks, Gilcher, Washington)
MSU: 3 (Saldate, Malczewski, Caffey)
Maryland: 2 (E. Miller, Smith)

Number of automatic qualifiers

Iowa: 10 (Lee, Teske, Murin, Woods, Siebrecht, Kennedy, Brands, Assad, Warner, Cassioppi)
Penn State: 9 (RBY, Bartlett, Van Ness, Haines, Facundo, Starocci, Brooks, Dean, Kerkvliet)
Nebraska: 7 (Cronin, Hardy, Robb, Wilson, Labriola, Pinto, Allred)
Michigan: 7 (Medley, Ragusin, Lamer, Lewan, Amine, Finesilver, Parris)
Minnesota: 7 (Nagao, Bergeland, McKee, Blockhus, Salazar, O'Reilly, Foy)
Northwestern: 8 (DeAugustino, Cannon, Tal Shahar, Chumbley, Mayfield, Thomas, A. Davison, L. Davison)
Rutgers: 7 (Peterson, Heilmann, White, Clark, Turley, Soldano, McDermott)
Wisconsin: 7 (Barnett, Lamont, Model, Zargo, Hamiti, Amos, Hillger)
Ohio State: 6 (Mendez, D'Emilio, Sasso, Kharchla, Smith, Orndorff)
Illinois: 5 (Byrd, D. Braunagel, Z. Braunagel, Ruth, Connell)
Purdue: 4 (Ramos, Filius, Coleman, Copass)
Maryland: 3 (K. Miller, E. Miller, Jaxon Smith)
Indiana: 3 (G. Rooks, Gilcher, Bullock)
Michigan State: 3 (Malczewski, Saldate, Caffey)

Most bonus-point wins (including medical forfeits and defaults)

Iowa: 14
Penn State: 10
Michigan: 7
Purdue: 7
Nebraska: 6
Ohio State: 6
Minnesota: 6
Wisconsin: 6
Indiana: 6
Northwestern: 5
Illinois: 5
Maryland: 4
Rutgers: 2
MSU: 2

Most Pins (that counted for team points)

Iowa: 3
Michigan: 2
Nebraska: 2
Minnesota: 2
Wisconsin: 2
Indiana: 2
Illinois: 2
MSU: 2
Northwestern: 1
Purdue: 1
Maryland: 1
Rutgers: 1

Most tech falls (that counted for team points)

Iowa: 2
Minnesota: 2
Penn State: 1
Purdue: 1
Ohio State: 1

Most major decisions (that counted for team points)

Penn State: 7
Iowa: 5
Michigan: 3
Purdue: 3
Ohio State: 3
Minnesota: 3
Wisconsin: 3
Indiana: 3
Nebraska: 2
Northwestern: 2
Illinois: 2
Maryland: 1


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