All-330 Projections (12/15/2022)

Ohio State's Sammy Sasso (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

The All-330 projections are back for the 2022-23 regular season. The All-330 is a series of educated guesses on who will be the 330 wrestlers who make the trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete at the 2023 NCAA Championships.

So, how are these different than the national rankings, which go down to #33? There's a little bit of guesswork, projection, and opinion that goes into these, which is generally frowned upon with rankings. In some cases, we think a particular wrestler is poised for a big second half (or not-so-big).

Another factor for these is conference allocations. While we haven't crunched the numbers to try and figure out allocations for each conference and weight, you can get an idea of how many each league will get based on rankings. Therefore, in a Big Ten weight class with 10 of the top-22 wrestlers in the country (141), you can also assume that the conference probably steals an at-large berth as a lower-ranked wrestler probably only needs one win to lock up a national qualifying bid.

Wrestlers are listed by conference, in alphabetical order, based on school name, so they are not conference rankings.

The good news is that if someone is not listed or in the "just missed" category, they still have two full months of regular season action to go, along with a conference tournament. There's still plenty of time left to change a narrative or impress the masses.

125 lbs

One conference I'd look at is the ACC. Trombley is included; however, Wagner just cracked the top 33 for the first time this year and Camacho was in for a week. Also, two-time qualifier Patrick McCormick (Virginia) tends to wrestle best at the conference tournament.

The MAC has plenty of possibilities, too. Between bid stealing at the conference tournament and big second halves, Tristan Daugherty (Buffalo), Fischer, Nick Molchak (Cleveland State), Markel Baker (George Mason) and Tyler Klinsky (Rider) can't be counted out.

As always, the Big Ten is super-deep. Lujan is currently unbeaten but on the outside. Jacob Moran (Indiana), Gary Steen (Penn State), and whoever Illinois starts Renteria/Cardani, are capable of getting a spot.

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