Weekend Dual Results (11/27/2002)

Minnesota 133 lber Aaron Nagao (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

Saturday's Dual Result

Iowa 26 Penn 11

125 - Ryan Miller (Penn) tech Aidan Harris (Iowa) 20-5
133 - Michael Colaiocco (Penn) dec Cullan Schriever (Iowa) 6-0
141 - Carmen Ferrante (Penn) dec Drew Bennett (Iowa) 4-1
149 - Max Murin (Iowa) dec Doug Zapf (Penn) 6-4SV
157 - Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) fall Anthony Artalona (Penn) 4:02
165 - Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) maj Lucas Revano (Penn) 14-5
174 - Nelson Brands (Iowa) dec Nick Incontrera (Penn) 5-1
184 - Abe Assad (Iowa) dec Max Hale (Penn) 5-0
197 - Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec Cole Urbas (Penn) 11-10
285 - Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) maj Ben Goldin (Penn) 9-0

Sunday's Dual Results

Minnesota 19 South Dakota State 16

125 - Patrick McKee (Minnesota) dec Tanner Jordan (South Dakota State) 7-3
133 - Aaron Nagao (Minnesota) dec Derrick Cardinal (South Dakota State) 6-2
141 - Vance Vombaur (Minnesota) dec Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) 6-4
149 - Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) dec Alek Martin (South Dakota State) 4-1
157 - Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) dec Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota) 8-4
165 - Tanner Cook (South Dakota State) dec Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) 4-2SV
174 - Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) dec Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) 6-5
184 - Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) maj Bennett Berge (South Dakota State) 12-0
197 - Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) maj Garrett Joles (Minnesota) 12-2
285 - AJ Nevills (South Dakota State) fall Keaton Kluever (Minnesota) 2:33

Binghamton 22 Buffalo 9

125 - Micah Roes (Binghamton) dec Patrick Adams (Buffalo) 5-1
133 - Tommy Maddox (Buffalo) dec Anthony Sobotker (Binghamton) 10-5
141 - Nate Lucier (Binghamton) dec Matt Ryan (Buffalo) 3-2
149 - Michael Zarif (Binghamton) dec Kaleb Burgess (Buffalo) 3-2
157 - Michael Petite (Buffalo) dec Fin Nadeau (Binghamton) 3-2
165 - Will Ebert (Binghamton) dec Ty Raines (Buffalo) 6-5
174 - Sam DePrez (Binghamton) dec Jay Nivison (Buffalo) 2-0
184 - Guiseppe Hoose (Buffalo) dec Jacob Nolan (Binghamton) 5-3
197 - Louie DePrez (Binghamton) maj Eli Sheeran (Buffalo) 18-5
285 - Cory Day (Binghamton) dec Greg Hodulick (Buffalo) 5-0


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