Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 11/18/2022

Virginia Tech freshman Caleb Henson (photos courtesy of Sam Janicki;

Welcome back, folks. The college season is off to a hot start and we have plenty of questions to get to. Let's not waste any time here so you can quickly get to roasting me in the comments section.

Thoughts on the redshirt rule so far? What, if any, tweaks to the new rules do you think are needed after a couple weeks of real-time testing? Fantasy College Wrestling

I love it! Instead of scouring around for tournaments like the Apple Bottom Open early in the season to watch the new kids on the block, you're getting to see them wrestle in duals against good competition to see where they're at. It also gives a little intrigue when the free match eligibility is up as to whether these freshmen actually do end up starting. The only tweak I would add, is to expand it to letting sophomores who wrestled their true freshman year the same opportunity. Once you've wrestled two full seasons without redshirt, you lose your chance.

I heard you backed out of coming to the Journeymen because you are afraid to leave the State of New Jersey...any truth to that? Austin Sommer

That's right, dude. It's actually in my contract to never leave the Garden State. I did recently travel down to Jordan Burroughs Country a few weeks ago to adopt a dog and let's just say it's been active around here, to say the least. Me leaving on her first full weekend here didn't seem like a good idea.

If you could have a documentary made of any current wrestler who would it be? Germs

Good question. There's been a fair share of wrestling docs and films. Flo has some good ones. Rudis has a couple that they've done. I think I'd like to see something on the wrestling Finesilver brothers. It's just fascinating to me and I need to know more. And why couldn't they have a third set of twins? Slacking if you ask me.

Does Matt Finesilver have the greatest victory gif of all time? Rhino

And this concludes our weekly FInesilver mention. Next topic.

What's your ideal walkout song for each of the ten number-one-ranked wrestlers? Earl Smith

Lifestyle Crazy by Lil' Guapo for everyone. But really, I'm gonna need a little more time to think about this one.

Do you think Wario (of Mario Brothers fame) would be an AA contender at heavyweight? 5'9" 308-pound Italian unit. Talk about the growth of AA-ready freshmen like Casey Swiderski and Jesse Mendez. CEO of Italians

Not a day goes by when someone doesn't ask me about Wario and Casey Swiderski in the same conversation. First off, Wario has to drop 33 pounds to even make the weight. I don't think he has the discipline to do it. Swiderski and Mendez, how about Caleb Henson? Just three more guys in recent history who are ready out of the gate. I don't know what makes them so good, but you love to see them. Now we've got Jax Forrest spending his fall going to college opens as a 16-year-old and winning matches handily. It's crazy.

Well, that's all I got this week. Plenty of action this weekend and let's see if you can watch more duals than Hayden Hidlay. I bet you can't.


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