Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 11/4/2022

4x NCAA All-American Hayden Hidlay (photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Hey there, college wrestling season. How are you? It's been awhile. Did you have a good summer? That's cool, I did, too. No, I haven't quit yet. I'm working on it. No, I haven't been fired from the mailbag yet. I know, I know. I'm a hack, but I've actually done more wrestling talk lately.

We actually have the forum here now and it's just like the old one. The ghost of Bob Dole put it together and he did quite a fine job. Yeah, Cinnabon popped up but who cares. So are you going to give us a good season this year? You gonna keep Spencer Lee healthy for us? Is Micic still around? Is Gable coming back? He left you on read? That's cold. Alright, I'll stop asking for spoilers but you better have something good for us in store.

If you could hand one wrestler a Money In The Bank briefcase that they could cash in on the number one ranked wrestler at any event for the number one ranking, who are you booking to carry that briefcase? Rhino184

It's the last match of the Cliff Keen finals. Mason Parris just disposed of Cohlton Schultz to finally claim the number one spot. He's exhausted from hauling big Cohl all over the mat. Music hits. That's Gable Steveson! He's back and he's gonna cash in the briefcase! How will Mason handle this! The referee tells Gable he's not eligible until the next semester. The next thing you know is Gable is at the Royal Rumble and you never see him on a wrestling mat again. Who booked this crap?

How many dual meets watched per season qualifies you as having a problem? Like fifty? I felt a little worried the other night after watching Queens and The Citadel that I might be addicted to dual meets. Hayden Hidlay

All-Americans! They're just like us! And don't worry my friend, you can do way better than fifty per season. That's like one month for the hardcore fans. I first realized I had a problem when I was tweeting about the woman at Utah Valley who waves pom-poms on the edge of the mat when I was watching it at like 11:30 at night. I love dual meets and I love to watch multiple meets at a time. Luckily for us, my man Earl lists what's on and where to watch them every week and you can find that here. Don't forget, the ESPN app has the multi-screen option for both Apple TV and Xbox so don't worry about having to pick one or the other. You can watch them all. The sicko in me is a little upset that Vanguard-California Baptist (don't you dare call them Cal Baptist) isn't streaming anywhere this week.

Editor's Note: Hayden will be on the call for ACC matches this year starting with tonight's dual between Appalachian State and NC State

Would you pay eight dollars for a blue check? Would I? Willie Saylor

I told you awhile back to get us all blue check marks and you told me to go have intercourse with myself. Now you're going to buy them for us as Christmas gifts. So I guess the answer is yes, you would buy one. Maybe there's a deal where you buy in bulk so Seth Petarra can get one. It's all he talks about.

Would you rather pay for a blue check mark or watch the Greco World Cup? Richard A Mann

You watch and score slap fights, but don't watch Greco? Alright, that's a lie. Richard here watches every single sport that consists of one human trying to physically harm another human. Be it real or fake. I, on the other hand, have yet to really sink my teeth into Greco-Roman, but I respect it. You can all check it out this weekend on the UWW app and get back to me with a full report.

Is Lantern Fly season over? Drop Tweetin

Sadly, no. It hasn't been as bad lately, but they do tend to come out more when it's hot and it's been unseasonably warm lately. Apparently, we have Game of Thrones summers now. I will be training a salt gun militia this winter if they come back next year.

Will you accept the results of this year's NCAA championships? Pelikan Head

That would depend on how many Jersey guys end up on the podium. If it's not to my liking then my salt gun militia is storming a Casey's Pizza or something.

Top three D1 wrestlers with the most swag for this upcoming season? Old School Wrestling Clips

You're asking the wrong guy there. My swag days went away with denim jackets and rope chains. I will back any team that wears a robe, so I'm all about Iowa State.

Would Steve Bartman have made it out of the stadium if he robbed a Phillies player in Philadelphia? Baby Grajales

Why would Bartman go to Philly to rob someone? The man has been off the grid for twenty years and he's just gonna show up at a baseball game and do a rip and run on an actual player? Sounds crazy to me.

Enjoy week one all you Jagoffs and Jaggettes! On a personal note, I lost my dog on the last day of the season last year and we are adopting a new dog on the first day of the season this year. What does that mean? Nothing really, but I think we will name her Amit Elor because she's a champion.


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Dave J (2) about a month ago
Where has banbasketball been? He's much more interesting than the nonsense in this putrid Friday mix. Money spent terrible.
"what's done in the dark will be brought to the light" Cash. NCAA needs to test for current peds so writers can stop glorifying these cheaters. Percentage of users in D1? how bout nc state
M Smart (1) about a month ago
Only good question was from Hayden Hidlay. The others, like his answers, are sophomoric. Get ready to see a picture of Spencer Lee on every Big Ten article. Last year it was Gable Steveson. Ban does a good job of keeping them straight. Mailbag needs help with good questions.
rideonbus (1) about a month ago
Spencer Lee is a sixth-year senior. I am not sure how that is sophomoric
greff (2) about a month ago
son, please give us more wrestling --talk about wrestling more not jibberish and drivel--i know, i know, its the questions your getting but do us a favor, dispose of those ( in the trash maybe) and move on to a new, relevant one--please and thank you
M Smart (1) about a month ago
Rideonbus; "The others" refers to the questions.
djhart69 (1) about a month ago
Mailbag is awful again. Not surprised, but wow! Awful.
KlausFlager (1) a week and a half ago
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