Russian Men's Freestyle Rankings - September 8th, 2022

New #1 at 61 kg Akhmed Idrisov (photo courtesy of Max Rose-Fyne/UWW)

57 KG

Russian Nationals bronze medalist #3 Ramiz Gamzatov was impressive in winning the All-Russian Spartakiad title with a dominating 11-0 tech fall win over fellow Russian Nationals bronze medalist #4 Musa Mekhtikhanov. Bronze medalists at the All-Russian Spartakiad were Muslim Sadulaev and Petr Kopylov. Major shakeups took place because of the All-Russian Spartakiad, namely Petr Kopylov back into the top ten at #4 after defeating #6 Azamat Tuskaev in the quarterfinals after Tuskaev had beaten Russian Nationals runner-up #2 Nachyn Mongush in the qualification round.


#2 Akhmed Idrisov avenged his loss to 2021 world champion #1 Abasgadzhi Magomedov from the Russian National finals in June with a 4-1 victory at the All-Russian Spartakiad to take gold and the number one spot in the rankings. Bronze medalists at the All-Russian Spartakiad were #5 Muslim Mekhtikhanov and Cherman Tavitov. Idrisov takes over the number one spot in the world and domestically in Russia for his victory over formerly top-ranked Magomedov.


#5 Shamil Mamedov won the All-Russian Spartakiad over #3 Gadzhimurad Rashidov with #4 Aripgadzhi Abdulaev and #6 Alik Khadartsev taking bronze. Mamedov's path to the finals saw him beat #6 Alik Khadartsev and #8 Ramazan Ferzaliev, while #3 Gadzhimurad Rashidov's best win came in the semifinals against Russian Nationals bronze medalist #4 Aripgadzhi Abdulaev. Mamedov moves up four spots to number one in the rankings for his win over Rashidov and the reason for this is Mamedov's overall body of work within the past year (wins over Rashidov, Khadartsev, Ferzaliev, #9 (61) Islam Dudaev (ALB) #10 Tulga Tumur Ochir (MGL), #13 Ziraddin Bayramov (AZE), and #19 Ibragim Abdurakhmanov (RUS) and Junior World, Yarygin, Umakhanov and Yasar Dogu titles) allow him to jump above Russian Nationals champion #1 Ibragim Ibragimov and #2 Gadzhimurad Omarov in the ranking, plus Rashidov beat Abdulaev who beat Mamedov at Russian Nationals in the quarters and Mamedov can now be ranked above Abdulaev because he beat Rashidov who beat Abdulaev. #7 Zagir Shakhiev moved up to 70 kilograms where he won the All-Russian Spartakiad and is ranked second at the weight behind two-time Russian Nationals champion #1 Israil Kasumov.


#6 Kurban Shiraev won the All-Russian Spartakiad over #7 (65) Zagir Shakhiev. Bronze medalists at the All-Russian Spartakiad were Bronze medalists at the All-Russian Spartakiad were #7 Alan Kudzoev and Inalbek Sheriev. Kudzoev makes the jump in the rankings to #5 after his quarterfinal win over #3 Anzor Zakuev. #7 (65) Zagir Shakhiev makes his 70KG ranking debut at #3 after finishing runner-up to #2 Kurban Shiraev and beating Kudzoev in the semis. Inalbek Sheriev is back in the rankings at #8 for beating #4 Ruslan Zhendaev (RUS) for bronze at the All-Russian Spartakiad.


#2 Razambek Zhamalov won the All-Russian Spartakiad over #3 David Baev. Bronze medalists of the All-Russian Spartakiad were #5 Timur Bizhoev and Artem Umarov. No changes to the rankings.


#3 Magomed Magomaev won the All-Russian Spartakiad with a 12-1 victory over #7 Gadzhimurad Alikhmaev in the finals. Bronze medalists of the All-Russian Spartakiad were #5 Akhmed Usmanov and Kakhaber Khubezhty. Khubezhty made a big comeback to the rankings at #3 with an upset win in the quarterfinals over Russian Nationals bronze medalist #2 Radik Valiev, before falling in the semis to Alikhmaev. Alikhmaev moves up five spots in the rankings to #2 for his win over #3 Kakhaber Khubezhty on his way to making the finals. Magomaev moves up two spots to #1 for winning over Alikhmaev. #1 Malik Shavaev moved up to 86 KG where he finished runner-up to 2021 World/Olympic bronze medalist #1 Artur Naifonov.


#1 Artur Naifonov won the All-Russian Spartakiad over #1 (79) Malik Shavaev. Bronze medalists were #3 Dauren Kurugliev and #10 Slavik Naniev. Shavaev makes his debut in the 86 KG rankings at #2 for beating Kurugliev in the quarterfinals with Kurugliev falling two spots to #4. #10 Slavik Naniev moves up one spot to #9 for beating #8 Arsenali Musalaliev in the qualification round. Musalaliev drops two spots to #10 for his loss to Naniev.


#5 Guram Chertkoev won the All-Russian Spartakiad over #3 Vladislav Valiev with #7 Alan Bagaev and Magomedmurad Baibekov taking bronze. Baibekov takes the number six spot for beating #6 Tamerlan Tapsiev in the quarterfinals before losing in the semifinals to #3 Vladislav Valiev.


#4 Alikhan Zhabrailov won the All-Russian Spartakiad over Gadzhimagomed Tazhudinov with Igor Ovsyannikov and #8 Sergey Kozyrev taking bronze. Gadzhimagomed Tazhudinov debuts in the rankings at #3 for beating 2019 Russian Nationals runner-up Igor Ovysannikov in the semifinals after Ovsyannikov beat Russian Nationals champion #2 Aslanbek Sotiev in his quarterfinal match. Ovsyannikov slots in at the #4 spot for his win over Sotiev, while Sotiev drops three spots to #5.


#5 Erik Dzhioev moves up four spots in the rankings to #1 after winning the All-Russian Spartakiad over 2020 Russian Nationals bronze medalist Vitali Goloev. Goloev makes his return to the rankings at #2 after his win over Khasan Khubaev in the semifinals, when Khubaev had been coming off wins over two-time Russian Nationals champion #9 Alan Khugaev in the qualification round and 2022 Russian Nationals champion #1 Alen Khubulov in the quarterfinals. Khubaev takes the #3 slot for beating Khugaev and Khubulov. Bronze medalists were #8 Anzor Khizriev and #6 Khasan Khubaev. Khizriev moves up one spot to #7 for beating #4 Baldan Tszzhipov in the bronze medal match.

Along with his victory over #2 Vitali Goloev in the finals, Dzhioev beat past Russian Nationals medalists #7 Anzor Khizriev and Tsyzhipov to take his spot as Russia's top heavyweight.

Pound for Pound

A significant amount of changes to the rankings as 61, 65, and 125 KG all crown new number ones. #4 Abasgadzhi Magomedov (61), #7 Gadzhimurad Rashidov (65) both fell in their finals matches to Akhmed Idrisov and #13 Shamil Mamedov. So because of the shift in these weights, it goes back to who's been more consistent with their efforts and their strong resumes so from this 74 KG national champion #8 Razambek Zhamalov and 3x World/Olympic medalist #16 Artur Naifonov move up to #4 and #5 in the rankings.

After establishing the new top five, it's time to break down the shift in the rest of the top ten. #13 Shamil Mamedov moves up seven spots in the rankings to #6 by taking the number one spot at 65 KG for beating Rashidov after Rashidov beat #16 Aripgadzhi Abdulaev which was Mamedov's loss at Russian Nationals that knocked him back in the rankings. Mamedov goes above 65 KG Russian Nationals #7 Ibragim Ibragimov and Russian Nationals runner-up Gadzhimurad Omarov, who he has superior resumes to (Junior World, Umakhanov, Yarygin, Yasar Dogu titles) plus wins over Rashidov, Tulga Tumur Ochir, Islam Dudaev, Ramazan Ferzaliev, and Ibragim Abdurakhmanov.

Akhmed Idrisov is back in the rankings at #12 for beating #4 Abasgadzhi Magomedov in the finals of the 61 KG All-Russian Spartakiad. Magomedov drops nine spots in the rankings to #13 his loss in the finals to Idrisov plus his top five pound-for-pound spot predicated on dominating the 61 KG weight class and consecutive wins, titles and an unbeaten streak which is nullified when losses pop up because he doesn't have that anchor that an athlete at a deeper weight like 74, 79, 65, or 57 KG would.

#19 Malik Shavaev moves up five spots to #14 for beating #18 Dauren Kurugliev at 86 KG and for his win over #15 Magomed Magomaev in the finals of the 79 KG Russian Nationals. Magomed Magomaev is in the rankings at #15 for winning the All-Russian Spartakiad over #20 Gadzhimurad Alikhmaev. Alikhmaev is back in the rankings at twenty because of his semifinal win over #21 Kakhaber Khubezhty, after Khubezhty had upset 2021 79 KG world bronze medalist #22 Radik Valiev in the quarterfinals. Erik Dzhioev is back into the rankings at #24 for taking the number one spot at heavyweight after winning the All-Russian Spartakiad.


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