2022 Senior World Championships 77kg Greco-Roman Preview

Two-Time World Team member Kamal Bey (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo/UWW)

With the U17 World Championships in July and U20's in August, it means that we are on the precipice of the Senior World Championships, which take place September 10-18th from Belgrade, Serbia. Final X determined the Americans who will compete at world's and, for the most part, the rest of the world has made it official who will participate, as well (A country can change their entry up until 24 hours before their style starts weigh-ins). So who should our Americans look out for in the quest for gold? Below we have credentials for all of the current entries, along with seeds for the 2022 tournament, medalists from 2021, and information about the US entrant.

77 kg Greco Roman Entries

Malkhas Amoyan (Armenia) 2021 World Champion, 2022 European Champion, 2x Junior World Medalist (1st, 2nd), 2021 European U23 Champion

Rohan Kalisch (Austria) 2021 World 27th Place

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