Ten Years of: Franklin & Marshall Wrestling (2013-22)

F&M All-American Richard Durso (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Welcome to a new, regular feature for InterMat! Every day, for the next few months, we'll look into the recent history of a DI wrestling program with our "Ten Years of…" feature. Even if you're a die-hard supporter of a particular school, there will be good information you may have forgotten. For others, it's a quick way to learn about a program you may not be familiar with. We're going in alphabetical order for this one, so next up is…Franklin & Marshall!

For past teams:

Air Force


Appalachian State

Arizona State

Army West Point






Cal Poly


Central Michigan



Cleveland State



CSU Bakersfield





NCAA Qualifiers (7)


141: Wil Gil (#31)


285: Antonio Pelusi (#31)


285: Antonio Pelusi


141: Richard Durso (#9); 285: Antonio Pelusi


141: Richard Durso (#12)


141: Richard Durso (#9)

NCAA Champions


NCAA All-Americans

Richard Durso (2014 - 8th)

NCAA Round of 12 Finishers

Richard Durso (2014 - 141)

EIWA Champions

2016: Richard Durso (141)

2013: Richard Durso (141)

Dual Record

2021-22: 8-2

2021: Did Not Compete

2019-20: 5-7

2018-19: 3-10

2017-18: 4-11

2016-17: 4-9

2015-16: 6-12

2014-15: 3-8

2013-14: 7-6

2012-13: 7-9

Conference Tournament Placement

2021-22: 13th

2021: Did Not Compete

2019-20: 16th

2018-19: 12th

2017-18: 15th

2016-17: 15th

2015-16: 12th

2014-15: 16th

2013-14: 17th

2012-13: 13th

NCAA Tournament Team Placement

2021-22: No Team Score

2021: Did Not Compete

2019-20: No Tournament

2018-19: No Team Score

2017-18: 56th-tie (1 point)

2016-17: No Qualifiers

2015-16: 50th-tie (3 points)

2014-15: No Qualifiers

2013-14: 44th (6.5 points)

2012-13: 55th-tie (2 points)

Head Coaching History

Mike Rogers (2010-present)

Best Lineup (comprised of wrestlers from 2013-22)

125 - Gio Diaz

133 - Robert Ruiz

141 - Richard Durso: 4x NCAA Qualifier; 2014 NCAA 8th Place; 2013 NCAA Round of 12; 2x EIWA Champion

149 - Paddy Quinlan: 2019 EIWA 7th Place

157 - Anthony Murano

165 - Noah Fox

174 - Colin Gironda

184 - Anthony Mancini

197 - Phillip Robilotto

285 - Antonio Pelusi: 3x NCAA Qualifier; 2019 EIWA 4th Place


Big Boarder's Per Year

2022: #171 Mason Leiphart (PA)


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