DI Transfer Tracker (5/30/2022)

Brandon Meredith now of South Dakota State (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

It's been 20 days since our last transfer tracker update and there are plenty of new names on our list. Most notable is 2021 All-American Taylor LaMont, who moves on to Wisconsin from Utah Valley. Two new NJCAA All-Americans, Deron Pulliam and Jose Valdez, have been added as they have signed with DI schools. The Penn State/South Dakota State pipeline is alive with 125 lber Brandon Meredith going to Brookings. Finally, a pair of former NC State teammates, have moved on with Jarred Papscy and Jacob Ferreira. Papscy doesn't have much of a move as he'll go from Raleigh to Durham, while Ferreira goes back to his home state. Pay attention, as there will be more transfers forthcoming!


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