2022 Last Chance Qualifier Greco-Roman and Women's Freestyle Placewinners

68 kg champion Ana Luciano (photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Friday marked the first day of the two-day Last Chance Qualifier tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Greco-Roman and women's freestyle portion of the event were held on day one. Winners or the highest placer who had not previously qualified for the World Team Trials, earned a berth in the event next weekend in Coralville, Iowa. Here are the placewinners for Greco and women's freestyle:

Men's Greco-Roman

55 kg

1st) Jonathan Gurule

2nd) Sam Braswell

3rd) Alexander Logsdon

4th) Dominic Robertson

60 kg

1st) Garrett Totten

63 kg

1st) Diego Romero

67 kg

1st) Jessy Williams

2nd) Logan Hatch

72 kg

1st) Noah Wachsmuth

77 kg

1st) Chad Walsh

2nd) Terrance Parks

3rd) Glenn Rhees

4th) Loranzo Rajaonarivelo

82 kg

1st) Adrian Artsisheuskiy

2nd) Aaron Dobbs

3rd) Andrew Dickson

4th) Khalil Mitchell

87 kg

1st) Gevorg Arakelov

2nd) Christos Avgeros

97 kg

1st) Timothy Eubanks

2nd) Austin Craig

3rd) William Baldwin

4th) Erik Hinckley

130 kg

1st) Tom Foote

2nd) Robert Gray

3rd) Anthony Rossi

4th) Monte Britton

Women's Freestyle

50 kg

1st) Nyla Valencia

2nd) Alex Szkotnicki

3rd) Olivia Chandler

4th) Alisa Safforld

53 kg

1st) Janieliz Cotto

55 kg

1st) Torieonna Buchanan

57 kg

1st) Genesis Ramirez

59 kg

1st) Montana DeLawder

62 kg

1st) Alex Liles

65 kg

1st) Sierra Brown Ton

68 kg

1st) Ana Luciano

72 kg

1st) Skie Roulo

76 kg

1st) Melissa Jacobs


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