Second-Ranked 113 lber Kael Lauridsen Verbals Nebraska

Kael Lauridsen at the 2021 UWW Cadet WTT's (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

The Nebraska staff got great news this morning as one of the top juniors, in-state, #36 Kael Lauridsen (Bennington, NE) announced his commitment to the Big Red over social media. Lauridsen is a three-time Nebraska state champion, winning at 106 lbs as a freshman and 113 in each of the past two seasons. The future Husker finished his junior year ranked #2 in the nation at 113 lbs.

Lauridsen has plenty of credentials outside of his home state, as well. Before this high school season, he was seventh at the Super 32, while competing at 120 lbs. That was where he entered Fargo, as well. Lauridsen left the FargoDome with some hardware, winning a 16U Greco title and finishing fourth in freestyle. A couple months prior, he was a runner-up to Spencer Moore at the Cadet World Team Trials.

Not only does Lauridsen have national-level accolades, but he also has made an impact outside of the United States. In 2018, Lauridsen was a Pan-American U15 champion in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. A year later, he was a bronze medalist at the U15 World School Combat Games. Last year, Lauridsen doubled up again at the Pan-American Championships, this time in the Cadet age group.

Lauridsen is the third junior to verbal to Nebraska, joining #40 Alan Koehler (Prior Lake, MN) and #156 Griffin Ray (Hillsboro, MO). With a large frame, Lauridsen could even see action as high as 141 lbs once he matriculates to Lincoln. That should serve Nebraska well as the Huskers don't appear to have a clear-cut, young, long-term solution at that weight class in the pipeline.

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ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
Now THERE'S a welcomed change: a Cale not spelled, "Cael."
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
Kael and Cael are pronounced differently and, of course, not spelled the same as Cale.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
Hey, "Smart,"

Perhaps there were, but do you know of any other person named Cale who spelled the name differently than that before the cult leader from PSU came onto the scene? I didn't think so...

As for your other statement of brilliance, perhaps you can "enlighten" us as to how Kael is pronounced differently than Cael?

Stay tuned, friends! Both of these answers should be good!
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
If you want some fun on this cold, gloomy, Wednesday, friends, picture "Smart" on the mic at the NCAA's trying to pronounced the two Caels/Kaels.

"Sale Sanderson is one whizz bang of a cult leader, fans!"
"Kah-el" really executed a great takedown there, fans!"

M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
I made an error. Kael and Cael are pronounced the same, but not the same as Cale. Why the hate and anger?
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
I do believe that you've made yet ANOTHER error, my boy! Please inform us readers as to how "Cale" is pronounced.

Do a little search for a racer named Yarborough and report back to us readers yet ANOTHER error that you've done did made.

M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
Cale (Kale) Yarborough.
Cael (Kael) Sanderson.
They're pronounced differently.
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
You got it right when you wrote "Kah-el. 2 syllables, not 1. It's bright and sunny where I'm at.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
Must be why BOTH Cale Yarborough, and Kael Lauridsen pronounce(s) their names exactly like Cael Sanderson does, eh? You're a BIT brighter than that, right?

Let me guess: Deuce Trump won the 2020 election too, right? As I thought...
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
Wowza! Condescending personal attacks while trying to make a point? I heard Cael pronounced with 2 syllables in an interview with him. Thought that's how it was pronounced.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
When someone thinks that Cale, Cael, and Kael are all pronounced differently-one with even two syllables, too boot-is it condescension, or was the embarrassment brought on by one's own statements?

Now, led us readers to thisy here vidyo where Kael has two syllables.
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
You make numerous grammatical errors that aren't attacked, it's no big deal. I'm not going back to find an interview to prove I'm right, don't have your ego. Wrote that 2 are the same and one was different, could be wrong.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
COULD be wrong? Perhaps the understatement of the year, eh, friends?

ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
...and, my numerous "grammatercal errors" began over 20 years ago on this rasslin boards, as a way to mock people who are "analytically challenged."

So, with that, the joke's on you (and others), my friend!
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
Too bad not many will see your last post, says it all. Envy is 1 of the 7 deadly sins; it's having an effect on you. Your intelligence and opinions get lost when you spew hate. Don't read the article on team performance in the NCAA'S 2017-2022, you'll be more unhinged. Your idol's name gets mispronounced too; it's Comma-la not Kamala
M Smart (1) about 2 months ago
I contacted the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and was told I was absolutely 100% WRONG on the pronunciation.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
"Your idol's name gets mispronounced too; it's Comma-la not Kamala"

I know how her name is pronounced, but pretty tough for someone who doesn't vote and doesn't particerpate in the greatest exercise in American stupidity: following and caring about polertics.

You didn't need to call the Nittany Lion rasslin club: being wrong on the pronunciations of Cale was pretty easy to decipher. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
Didn't finish my second pernt: pretty tough for a non-voter and a disinterested person on polertics to have politercal heroes, eh, friends?