2022 NCAA DI Quarterfinals Results

Nick Suriano at the 2022 NCAA Championships (Photos courtesy of Sam

Quarterfinal Results

125 lbs - Nick Suriano (Michigan) fall Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) 2:19
125 lbs - Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) dec Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) 3-2
125 lbs - Patrick Glory (Princeton) dec Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) 7-3
125 lbs - Vito Arujau (Cornell) dec Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 6-0

133 lbs - Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) dec Brian Courtney (Virginia) 13-6
133 lbs - Austin DeSanto (Iowa) maj Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) 9-0
133 lbs - Michael McGee (Arizona State) dec Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) 8-7
133 lbs - Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) fall Chris Cannon (Northwestern) 1:53

141 lbs - Nick Lee (Penn State) fall Grant Willits (Oregon State) 3:45
141 lbs - Real Woods (Stanford) tech CJ Composto (Penn) 16-0
141 lbs - Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) dec Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) 7-5
141 lbs - Kizhan Clarke (North Carolina) dec Jake Bergeland (Minnesota) 3-0

149 lbs - Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) dec Max Murin (Iowa) 6-3
149 lbs - Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) dec Kyle Parco (Arizona State) 5-1SV
149 lbs - Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) fall Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) 6:30
149 lbs - Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) fall Tariq Wilson (NC State) 4:16

157 lbs - Will Lewan (Michigan) dec Hunter Willits (Oregon State) 3-1
157 lbs - Quincy Monday (Princeton) dec Ed Scott (NC State) 5-3
157 lbs - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) dec Jared Franek (North Dakota State) 5-3
157 lbs - Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) dec Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) 6-2

165 lbs - Evan Wick (Cal Poly) dec Peyton Hall (West Virginia) 6-2
165 lbs - Shane Griffith (Stanford) dec Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) 10-4
165 lbs - Cam Amine (Michigan) dec Alex Marinelli (Iowa) 3-1SV
165 lbs - Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) dec Carson Kharchla (Ohio State) 2-0

174 lbs - Carter Starocci (Penn State) dec Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) 6-1
174 lbs - Hayden Hidlay (NC State) dec Michael Kemerer (Iowa) 5-3
174 lbs - Logan Massa (Michigan) dec Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) 8-3
174 lbs - Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) dec Clay Lautt (North Carolina) 4-2

184 lbs - Myles Amine (Michigan) dec Zac Braunagel (Illinois) 12-5
184 lbs - Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) dec Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) 6-5
184 lbs - Trent Hidlay (NC State) dec Trey Munoz (Oregon State) 6-2
184 lbs - Aaron Brooks (Penn State) maj Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) 13-2

197 lbs - Max Dean (Penn State) dec Louie DePrez (Binghamton) 4-3
197 lbs - Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State) dec Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) 5-3
197 lbs - Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec Eric Schultz (Nebraska) 2-0
197 lbs - Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) dec Rocky Elam (Missouri) 4-0

285 lbs - Gable Steveson (Minnesota) dec Lucas Davison (Northwestern) 10-5
285 lbs - Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) dec Christian Lance (Nebraska) 7-1
285 lbs - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) dec Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) 3-1SV
285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) dec Mason Parris (Michigan) 6-5


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ban basketball (1) about 3 months ago
Hello again, friends! Here is the full story that I promised that I'd deliver after round two. A little banjo practick, and this hard hitting, fair and balanced rasslin journalist is ready to deliver the news that you've all come to know and love for over two decades. Buckle up, friends.

More on UNI later, but, man, did Teske EVER dismantle that Hildegaard this morning, eh, friends!? One can only wonder what El Teske over on the PSU site had to spin over that humiliating defeat, eh, friends?!

Boy, ROUGH weekend for those Sqwawkers, eh, friends?! First, their basketball team gets spanked in round one, and then everything collapsed on the mat for two days straight. More on individual Sqwawkers to come, friends!

Just curious if at the end of the Diakomihalis/Murlin match if the legion of raised fists were up all across the arena? When all is lost, they began sqwawking for "stalling." As if Murlin had a chance of beating someone of that caliber, eh friends?!

Mickick, as Mark Ironside pronounces it, sure stuck it to the Joker, eh, friends!? The Joker was getting so shelled that he took a couple of lung timeouts to try to save hisself, but, no luck, eh, friends?! Good for Mickick though.

Couldn't help but notice how The Heifer was fleeing the mat in O.T. during his shelling at the hands of Amine. Were the fists raised from the Sqwawkers during that, friends? Let's just hope that we didn't have a repeat of the Gomez match after that humiliating loss and response, eh, friends?

I told all of you weeks ago about harnesses, didn't I, friends? When I saw Kemlawn with that harness on I said, we'', he won't be a factor this year. As we now know, friends, he's not an issue.

UNI's own, Drew Foster already had his number, but I did figger out how we can get Dean out of there, for those of us thoroughly sick of PSU and Dean. Instill an immediate mask mandate in the arena for everyone, and, as we know friends, ol' Deano will hit the exit gates faster than me at an opera!

Warner's new name is Warning, friends. Were the Sqwawker fists raised at the end of his match, when Warning was running away from his opponent?

Doe Lance and Caffey not have friends? I ask because if someone had friends they would be quick to point out that the hair has to go (Caffey) and the facial hair has to go (Lance). Friends can be very helpful that way, friends.

The one announcer was a little too woke for us tough guy rasslin fans, eh, friends? By Gum, he was so woke that he was talking about rasslin opportunities for black folks, which has NO BIDNESS in rasslin! CANCEL HIS CULTURE, ESPN!

Are we tired of Chad Red yet, friends?

Berge should have stayed retired from the game, eh, friends?

How A-BOUT not having to hear that gasbag, Willy Baldwin toot his own horn during broadcasts, eh, friends!? Thanks for cancelling his culture, ESPN!

Guh-bell looks a little vulnerable, friends. Gave up a takedown to Davison and didn't major him. Why, a healthy Tyrell Gordon would have put a big 'ol' spankin on Gab-lee, eh, friends!?

The duck in the Big 10 finals SURE hurt Cassiopeia, eh, friends!? Took a THOROUGH spanking this morning, due to the duck.

Hassan goes to O.T. and actually LOSES to Geer!? Keckeisen does nothing but major Geer each time they rassle. LOL!

Hendrickson sure ended up being a load of hype, eh, friends?! Shelled and out of the tournament.

How did Carr not take apart Young?! Good, God, Holschlag would spank Young like he wasn't even there.

O'Connor has proven that his one trick ponyism doesn't hold up very well with 157 pounders, eh, friends?

Brucki needs a roid test.

OK, now UNI news, what you all have been waiting for, eh, friends?

First off, boy, did Keckeisen ever bloody the nose of that Truax wimp, eh, friends?!

Given it's not rigged, boy, is Keckeisen ever going to put the spank on Venz tonight, eh, friends?! Again, ONLY if it isn't rigged, which can be expecked.

Finally, EVERY match that UNI "lost" was rigged! They were using Dominion scoring systems for every UNI match. As we all know, friends, Dominion scoring systems are put together by socialercicists, seeking to undermine America. In addition, the refs would not allow ordinary fans on the mat to be able to over see their calls and their counts for the UNI matches. What all of this means is that the UNI matches were rigged! I'll be going along with all of you to storm the NCAA headquarters to overturn these rigged results. RIGGED! STOP THE STEAL!

My final words for you all on this, friends, is this: we gotta fight and fight like heck for scoring integrity, because, if we don't, we won't have rasslin anymore, friends!

Look for my hard hitting, fair and balanced column sometime after round three, friends!
ban basketball (1) about 3 months ago
And I'm sick to think that I missed this the first time around.

How A-BOUT that Max Lyon from Purdue, eh, friends?! 30th seed, a local boy, and a guy who said he's making the podium this year, come heck or high water.

My apologies for the delay in this story, Max and friends.
csjoshi9755 (1) about 2 weeks ago;area=summary;u=1279923
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