2022 NCAA DI Round of 16 Results

125 lb #4 seed Brandon Courtney of Arizona State (Photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

125 lbs - Nick Suriano (Michigan) dec Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) 8-3
125 lbs - Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) dec Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) 6-2
125 lbs - Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) dec Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley) 10-8SV
125 lbs - Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) maj Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga) 12-3
125 lbs - Patrick Glory (Princeton) maj Jakob Camacho (NC State) 10-2
125 lbs - Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) dec Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) 9-3
125 lbs - Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) dec Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma State) 3-2
125 lbs - Vito Arujau (Cornell) dec Brody Teske (Northern Iowa) 9-3

133 lbs - Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) fall Josh Koderhandt (Navy) 4:46
133 lbs - Brian Courtney (Virginia) dec Michael Colaiocco (Penn) 8-7
133 lbs - Austin DeSanto (Iowa) dec Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) 5-2
133 lbs - Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) injdef Brock Hudkins (Indiana)
133 lbs - Michael McGee (Arizona State) dec Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) 10-4
133 lbs - Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) dec Devan Turner (Oregon State) 4-2
133 lbs - Chris Cannon (Northwestern) dec Matt Ramos (Purdue) 1-0
133 lbs - Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) dec Kai Orine (NC State) 7-4

141 lbs - Nick Lee (Penn State) dec Quinn Kinner (Rider) 9-2
141 lbs - Grant Willits (Oregon State) dec Allan Hart (Missouri) 3-1TB
141 lbs - CJ Composto (Penn) dec Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) 5-4TB
141 lbs - Real Woods (Stanford) maj Parker Filius (Purdue) 8-0
141 lbs - Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) dec Chad Red (Nebraska) 7-6SV
141 lbs - Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) dec Matt Kazimir (Columbia) 3-2TB
141 lbs - Jake Bergeland (Minnesota) dec Frankie Tal Shahar (Northwestern) 5-3
141 lbs - Kizhan Clarke (North Carolina) dec Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) 4-2SV

149 lbs - Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) dec Willie McDougald (Oklahoma) 11-5
149 lbs - Max Murin (Iowa) dec Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State) 8-4
149 lbs - Kyle Parco (Arizona State) dec Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State) 6-2
149 lbs - Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) dec Beau Bartlett (Penn State) 6-4
149 lbs - Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) maj Josh Finesilver (Duke) 19-7
149 lbs - Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) dec Jonathan Millner (Appalachian State) 16-11
149 lbs - Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) dec Josh Heil (Campbell) 8-1
149 lbs - Tariq Wilson (NC State) dec Anthony Artalona (Penn) 4-3

157 lbs - Hunter Willits (Oregon State) dec David Carr (Iowa State) 2-1TB
157 lbs - Will Lewan (Michigan) dec Kaleb Young (Iowa) 3-1SV
157 lbs - Quincy Monday (Princeton) dec Jacob Wright (Wyoming) 3-2
157 lbs - Ed Scott (NC State) dec Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) 9-6
157 lbs - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) fall Jake Keating (Virginia) 2:43
157 lbs - Jared Franek (North Dakota State) dec Dazjon Casto (The Citadel) 3-2
157 lbs - Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) dec Peyton Robb (Lehigh) 8-5
157 lbs - Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) fall Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) 4:36

165 lbs - Evan Wick (Cal Poly) dec Luke Weber (North Dakota State) 10-5
165 lbs - Peyton Hall (West Virginia) dec Phil Conigliaro (Harvard) 7-3
165 lbs - Shane Griffith (Stanford) dec Zach Hartman (Bucknell) 7-3
165 lbs - Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) dec Julian Ramirez (Cornell) 15-11
165 lbs - Alex Marinelli (Iowa) dec Justin McCoy (Virginia) 8-2
165 lbs - Cam Amine (Michigan) dec Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois) 4-2
165 lbs - Carson Kharchla (Ohio State) dec Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) 7-1
165 lbs - Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) dec Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) 7-0

174 lbs - Carter Starocci (Penn State) dec Adam Kemp (Cal Poly) 10-4
174 lbs - Mike Labriola (Nebraska) dec Gerrit Nijenhuis (Purdue) 3-2
174 lbs - Michael Kemerer (Iowa) dec Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) 9-4
174 lbs - Hayden Hidlay (NC State) maj Matt Finesilver (Duke) 13-5
174 lbs - Logan Massa (Michigan) maj Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State) 15-5
174 lbs - Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) dec Mason Kauffman (Northern Illinois) 8-2
174 lbs - Clay Lautt (North Carolina) maj Tyler Eischens (Stanford) 13-4
174 lbs - Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) dec Lance Runyon (Northern Iowa) 8-5

184 lbs - Myles Amine (Michigan) dec Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State) 5-1
184 lbs - Zac Braunagel (Illinois) fall Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) 6:47
184 lbs - Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) dec Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) 6-2
184 lbs - Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) dec Kyle Cochran (Maryland) 9-3
184 lbs - Trent Hidlay (NC State) dec Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) 5-3
184 lbs - Trent Munoz (Oregon State) maj Jonathan Loew (Cornell) 12-2
184 lbs - Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) dec Taylor Venz (Nebraska) 5-2
184 lbs - Aaron Brooks (Penn State) maj Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) 9-1

197 lbs - Max Dean (Penn State) dec Jay Aiello (Virginia) 4-2
197 lbs - Louie DePrez (Binghamton) dec Cam Caffey (Michigan State) 5-4
197 lbs - Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State) dec Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) 6-4SV
197 lbs - Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) dec Patrick Brucki (Michigan) 6-3
197 lbs - Eric Schultz (Nebraska) dec Greg Bulsak (Rutgers) 4-3
197 lbs - Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec Thomas Penola (Purdue) 3-1
197 lbs - Rocky Elam (Missouri) dec Yonger Bastida (Iowa State) 1-0
197 lbs - Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) dec Luke Stout (Princeton) 6-3

285 lbs - Gable Steveson (Minnesota) tech Zach Elam (Missouri) 23-8
285 lbs - Lucas Davison (Northwestern) dec Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) 9-2
285 lbs - Christian Lance (Nebraska) dec Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) 5-4
285 lbs - Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) maj Tate Orndorff (Ohio State) 10-1
285 lbs - Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) maj Luke Luffman (Illinois) 12-3
285 lbs - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) dec Gary Traub (Oregon State) 6-0
285 lbs - Mason Parris (Michigan) dec Nathan Traxler (Virginia Tech) 7-3
285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) fall Lewis Fernandes (Cornell) :52


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boulderboulder (1) about 1 year ago
One of the most exciting rounds of 16 I recall. I feel like some of the non-big ten wrestlers were seeded too low and it showed
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago

My apologies that I can't give all of you the lengthy update that you all have come to know and expeck from me, but time is of the essence, as round two begins in a few. I promise that a thorough analysis will come after this round, so lease don't despair, friends!
For now, I have just these quick thoughts.

With well over two decades of following this tournament under my belt, I've never seen as many early upsets as there have been in this tournament. It's either going to lead al of us to just call the backside the championship round, or find the championship round, outside of Keckeisen, boring.

Second, nothing more funny than watching every Irish name lose on their apparent "big day," eh, friends!? Outside of O'Toole, I don't think one solitary Irish name got through the winner's bracket. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later friends. Cheer for those pesky UNI Panthers, and, please, join me in my cause to STOP THE STEAL when UNI rasslers lose! We can't have rasslin if we don't fight like hell to stop this steal!