Big 12 Conference Recap (1/11/22)

2022 Southern Scuffle champion Cade DeVos (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

Thursday 01/06

Iowa State DEF Northwest Kansas Tech 56-0

Friday 01/07

Northern Colorado at Cal Poly-Postponed

Saturday 01/08

Oklahoma State DEF Little Rock 35-6

Sunday 01/09

Northern Iowa vs. Wyoming at South Dakota State-Extra matches only
Wyoming at South Dakota State-Extra matches only

125: Tanner Jordan (SDSU) dec. Brendon Garcia (WYO), 6-4
125: Tanner Jordan (SDSU) dec. Jake Svihel (WYO), 3-2
133: Gabriel Tagg (SDSU) tech. fall Darrick Stacey (WYO), 19-1 (4:07)
133: Job Greenwood (WYO) dec. Trayton Anderson (SDSU), 3-0
149: Jaron Jensen (WYO) dec. Daniel Kimball (SDSU), 4-2
157: Colin Realbuto (UNI) dec. Kenny O'Neil (SDSU), 8-2
165: Cooper Voorhees (WYO) dec. Jack Thomsen (SDSU), 6-4 [SV-1]
165: #29 Tanner Cook (SDSU) def. Cooper Voorhees, by fall 2:40
285: Terren Swartz (WYO) dec. Bowen McConville (SDSU), 5-3
285: #23 A.J. Nevills (SDSU) dec. Terren Swartz (WYO), 8-2

South Dakota State DEF Northern Iowa 27-13

Binghamton vs. West Virginia vs Virginia Tech-Round Robin
Final Results

133: No. 32 Anthony Sobotker (BU) SV Michael Dolan (WV), 4-2.
141: Ryan Anderson (BU) TF Caleb Rea (WV), 16-0.
149: Nick Lombard (BU) FALL George Johnson (WV)
157: Alex Hornfeck (WV) FALL Tyler Martin (BU)
165: Brevin Cassella (BU) WFF No. 11 Peyton Hall (WV)
174: Scott Joll (WV) FALL Jacob Nolan (BU)
184: Anthony Carman (WV) FALL Sam DePrez (BU)
197: No. 11Lou DePrez (BU) FALL Jackson Moomau (WV)
285: No. 20 Joe Doyle (BU) FALL No. 22 Michael Wolfgram (WV)
285: Tristan Kemp (WV) 3OT WIN Over Collin Burns (BU). (RT)
133: Christian Gannone (BU) DEC Michael Dolan (WV), 5-0
141: Ryan Anderson (BU) MD Lucas Seibert (WV), 9-1.
184: Anthony Carman (WV) FALL Cory Day (BU)
133: No. 4 Korbin Myers (VT) major dec. Fr. Michael Dolan (WVU), 17-5
141: Sam Hillegas (VT) won by fall Caleb Rea (WVU), [T - 2:47]
149: Kylan Montgomery (VT) dec. Trey Johnson (WVU), 7-1
157: No. 16 Connor Brady (VT) dec. Alex Hornfeck (WVU), 8-6
165: Clayton Ulrey (VT) won by forfeit
174: No. 3 Mekhi Lewis (VT) dec. Scott Joll (WVU), 10-4
184: Anthony Carman (WVU) major dec. Simeone Holmes (VT), 10-1
197: Andy Smith (VT) dec. Jackson Moomau (WVU), 9-5
HWT: No.13 Nathan Traxler (VT) dec. No. 20 Michael Wolfgram (WVU), 5-2
141 Sam Hillegas (VT) major dec. Lucas Seibert (WVU), 14-4

California Baptist at Stanford-Canceled

Northern Colorado at CSU Bakersfield-Postponed

Iowa State at Arizona State-Canceled

Best Event: South Dakota State over Northern Iowa 27-13
We got one complete in-conference dual off this weekend and this was it. There were a few guys missing here, but this was a solid conference win for South Dakota State that was anchored by falls from Tanner Cook and Cade Devos.

Biggest Storyline: Everything getting canceled/postponed
Unfortunately, this is a reality we're probably going to see some more of in the sport this season. Duals will be canceled/postponed and replaced by individual matchups slotted in their place. It's not good. It's not good for fans, it's not good for the sport, all the way around, it's just not good. That said, I have no idea what you do about it?! So, it's something we're probably just going to have to deal with it to an extent.


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