Friday's Dual Results (1/7/2022)

Purdue's national qualifier Gerrit Nijenhuis (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

Friday's Dual Results

Penn State 46 Maryland 0

125 - Drew Hildebrandt (Penn State) fall Zach Spence (Maryland) 1:38
133 - Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) tech King Sandoval (Maryland) 16-1
141 - Nick Lee (Penn State) tech Danny Bertoni (Maryland) 18-1
149 - Beau Bartlett (Penn State) fall Michael North (Maryland) 4:48
157 - Tony Negron (Penn State) maj Lucas Cordio (Maryland) 11-2
165 - Creighton Edsell (Penn State) dec Gaven Bell (Maryland) 7-1
174 - Carter Starocci (Penn State) dec Dom Solis (Maryland) 8-3
184 - Aaron Brooks (Penn State) maj Kyle Cochran (Maryland) 19-7
197 - Max Dean (Penn State) tech Kevin Makosy (Maryland) 20-5
285 - Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) tech Zach Schrader (Maryland) 18-3

Lehigh 24 Binghamton 14

125 - Jaret Lane (Lehigh) fall Nick Curley (Binghamton) :48
133 - Malyke Hines (Lehigh) dec Anthony Sobotker (Binghamton) 8-4
141 - Ryan Anderson (Binghamton) dec Drew Munch (Lehigh) 6-4
149 - Nick Lombard (Binghamton) dec Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh) 5-0
157 - Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) tech Tyler Martin (Binghamton) 16-0
165 - Brian Meyer (Lehigh) dec Brevin Cassella (Binghamton) 4-3
174 - Jacob Nolan (Binghamton) dec Jake Logan (Lehigh) 6-4SV
184 - AJ Burkhart (Lehigh) maj Sam DePrez (Binghamton) 12-4
197 - Louie DePrez (Binghamton) tech Eli Grape (Lehigh) 24-5
285 - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) dec Joe Doyle (Binghamton) 3-2

Iowa 22 Minnesota 10

125 - Patrick McKee (Minnesota) dec Drake Ayala (Iowa) 8-6
133 - Austin DeSanto (Iowa) dec Jake Gliva (Minnesota) 7-5
141 - Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) dec Jake Bergeland (Minnesota) 6-2
149 - Max Murin (Iowa) dec Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) 3-1
157 - Brayton Lee (Minnesota) dec Kaleb Young (Iowa) 4-3
165 - Alex Marinelli (Iowa) dec Cael Carlson (Minnesota) 6-5
174 - Michael Kemerer (Iowa) dec Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) 9-2
184 - Abe Assad (Iowa) maj Sam Skillings (Minnesota) 12-4
197 - Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec Michial Foy (Minnesota) 6-4
285 - Gable Steveson (Minnesota) maj Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) 17-7

Rutgers 29 Indiana 7

125 - Dylan Shawver (Rutgers) maj Jacob Moran (Indiana) 13-2
133 - Brock Hudkins (Indiana) dec Devon Britton (Rutgers) 6-0
141 - Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) maj Cayden Rooks (Indiana) 19-5
149 - Mike Van Brill (Rutgers) dec Graham Rooks (Indiana) 6-2
157 - Robert Kanniard (Rutgers) dec Derek Gilcher (Indiana) 9-7
165 - Andy Clark (Rutgers) dec Sammy Cokeley (Indiana) 3-0
174 - Jackson Turley (Rutgers) tech Sean Grim (Indiana) 20-2
184 - John Poznanski (Rutgers) dec Donnell Washington (Indiana) 4-2
197 - Greg Bulsak (Rutgers) maj Nick Willham (Indiana) 9-1
285 - Jacob Bullock (Indiana) maj Boone McDermott (Rutgers) 9-1

Purdue 18 Nebraska 15

125 - Devin Schroder (Purdue) tech Jeremiah Reno (Nebraska) 17-0
133 - Matt Ramos (Purdue) dec Alex Thomsen (Nebraska) 3-1
141 - Parker Filius (Purdue) maj Tucker Sjomeling (Nebraska) 12-2
149 - Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) dec Trey Kruse (Purdue) 10-3
157 - Jevon Parrish (Nebraska) dec Cooper Noehre (Purdue) 5-3SV
165 - Bubba Wilson (Nebraska) dec Hayden Lohrey (Purdue) 3-1
174 - Gerrit Nijenhuis (Purdue) dec Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) 6-4
184 - Max Lyon (Purdue) dec Taylor Venz (Nebraska) 7-2
197 - Eric Schultz (Nebraska) dec Thomas Penola (Purdue) 5-2
285 - Christian Lance (Nebraska) dec Michael Woulfe (Purdue) 11-4

Wisconsin 19 Northwestern 15

125 - Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) dec Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) 9-5
133 - Chris Cannon (Northwestern) dec Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) 4-0
141 - Frankie Tal-Shahar (Northwestern) dec Joe Zargo (Wisconsin) 5-4
149 - Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) dec Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) 8-6
157 - Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) dec Garrett Model (Wisconsin) 8-3
165 - Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) maj Erich Byelick (Northwestern) 13-1
174 - Andrew McNally (Wisconsin) dec Troy Fisher (Northwestern) 3-1
184 - Chris Weiler (Wisconsin) maj Jon Halvorsen (Northwestern) 8-0
197 - Braxton Amos (Wisconsin) tech Brendan Devine (Northwestern) 20-5
285 - Lucas Davison (Northwestern) dec Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) 4-3


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MyCaseStudyHelp (1) about 2 weeks ago
Congratulations! Nice Victory!

Here is assignment help for Students:
ban basketball (1) about 2 weeks ago
Done did got too gassed last night, as always, thanks to Toppling Goliath for the help, to finish the Gophers/Sqwawkers dual, so I watched it this morning. Here's the hard hitting analysis that you've all come to love and anticipate from me, friends! My apologies for the delay.

-First off, this was a "battle" between two of my three most loathed schools, so I'm always curious to see who I silently end uprooting for. It was the Gophers, friends, which means the Sqwawkers are a notch below the Gophers in the loathing department.

-Second, Minnesota has REALLY gone downhill in recent years. Thinking back a few years to their dominance days, I was less than impressed by what they're brining to the mat these days.

-Third, it was funny to watch the 125 match, and how McKee, not even hinting at "stalling" started getting the chorus of, "stalling" from the Sqwawks, including the obligatory raised fist, signifying "stalling." In BOTH cases, just as the Sqwawks got going, McKee completely blew Areola off his feet with those doubles! Hit a couple of those babies, and Sqwawkville grows silent FAST.

-Fourth, DeSantis, true to his relative's mockable political career, mes thinking he wasn't well during this match. No fire, no offense, and just plain flat.

Fifth, The Joker was also less than impressive. Should have owned his "opponent" at 141.

Sixth, UNI is doing fine with our replacement at 149, eh, friends?

Seventh, stifle the Heifers' body lock and you beat him every time. Most boring, inactive thing on the mat. Well, correction, stay tuned!

Eighth, Chemlawn returns! HOWVER, and you've heard it here first, friends: anyone who wears one of those shoulder harnesses never really pans out. Not seeing Chemlawn being much of a threat come March, unless that harness is lost.

Ninth, so who IS the most boring thing on the mat? You guessed it, friends, Warner. What a joke, match after match. Always a close match, and he never wins by anything more than one or two, and always close, right to the end. I'd like to see an offensive show to the likes of Sean Stender from UNI go up against Warner, and you'd watch a guy get taken down all seven minutes. Put the heat on him 197 pounders! He's easily beatable.

Finally, Gahblee! WOWZA! May very well be the best thing I've ever seen on the mat, and he's a heavyweight, for God's sake. He made a top ranked rassler, Cassiopea, and made him look like a child. Took Cassiopea down at will, and made it look easy throughout. Man, that guy is GREAT.

There you have it, friends. Expert, decades long analysis again! You're welcome, in advance.