Southern Scuffle Finals Results and Placewinners

Stanford's 2x Southern Scuffle champion Real Woods (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki;

Championship Finals

125 - Patrick McKee (Minnesota) MedFFT Killian Cardinale (West Virginia)

133 - Rayvon Foley (Michigan State) dec Aaron Nagao (Minnesota) 2-0

141 - Real Woods (Stanford) dec Allan Hart (Missouri) 4-0

149 - Josh Finesilver (Duke) dec Josh Edmond (Missouri) 11-10

157 - Jared Franek (North Dakota State) dec Chase Saldate (Michigan State) 6-3

165 - Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) maj Peyton Hall (West Virginia) 13-4

174 - Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) dec Peyton Mocco (Missouri) 3-2

184 - Kyle Cochran (Maryland) dec Jonathan Loew (Cornell) 4-1

197 - Rocky Elam (Missouri) InjDef Michael Beard (Penn State)

285 - Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) fall Lewis Fernandes (Cornell) 1:33

Third Place Matches

125 - Drake Ayala (Iowa) dec Noah Surtin (Missouri) 14-10

133 - Brayden Palmer (Chattanooga) dec Cullan Schriever (Iowa) 4-2SV

141 - Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) MedFFT Clay Carlson (South Dakota State)

149 - Victor Voinovich (Oklahoma State) fall Gaven Sax (North Dakota State) 5:41

157 - Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) dec Hunter Richard (Cornell) 6-4

165 - Cael Carlson (Minnesota) fall Will Formato (Appalachian State) 6:15

174 - Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) dec Austin Brenner (North Dakota State) 5-4

184 - Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) dec Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) 9-5SV

197 - Cameron Caffey (Michigan State) dec Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) 8-6

285 - Brandon Metz (North Dakota State) dec Aaron Costello (Iowa) 4-1

Fifth Place Matches

125 - Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) MedFFT Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga)

133 - Trey Crawford (Missouri) dec Codi Russell (Appalachian State) 9-7SV

141 - Wyatt Henson (Iowa) MedFFT Vince Cornella (Spartan Combat)

149 - Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado) MedFFT Alex Madrigal (George Mason)

157 - Brock Mauller (Missouri) dec AJ Kovacs (NC State) 8-4

165 - Luke Weber (North Dakota State) MedFFT Patrick Kennedy (Iowa)

174 - Matt Finesilver (Duke) maj Brennan Swafford (Iowa) 14-0

184 - Layne Malczewski (Michigan State) MedFFT Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota)

197 - Andy Smith (Virginia Tech) MedFFT Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado)

285 - Tyrie Houghton (NC State) dec Owen Trephan (NC State) 2-2TB

Seventh Place Matches

125 - Greg Diakomihalis (Cornell) dec Eddie Ventresca (Virginia Tech) 5-3SV

133 - Ethan Fernandez (Spartan Combat) maj Ethan Oakley (Appalachian State) 16-4

141 - Quinn Kinner (Rider) MedFFT Josh Saunders (Cornell)

149 - John Arceri (Buffalo) dec Jeff Boyd (West Virginia) 3-1SV

157 - Jalin Harper (Oklahoma State) dec Alex Hornfeck (West Virginia) 2-1

165 - RJ Mosley (Gardner-Webb) MedFFT Thomas Bullard (NC State)

174 - Andrew Berreysea (Cornell) MedFFT Tyler Eischens (Stanford)

184 - Gavin Stika (Oklahoma State) dec DJ Parker (North Dakota State) 7-3

197 - Jaron Smith (Maryland) Fall Garrett Joles (Minnesota) 1:31

285 - Austin Harris (Oklahoma State) dec Michael McAleavey (The Citadel) 8-1

Team Scores

1) Missouri 175.5

2) North Dakota State 109.5

3) Michigan State 94.5

4) Minnesota 85.5

5) Cornell 85


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ban basketball (2) about 3 weeks ago
Two observations. (1) Ayala isn't the next big thing and (2) Why do rasslers, like Woods, choose to go with either corn rows or long hair, only to fight their hair more than they do their opponents? I remember when Opening Seonds KO Askren tried to introduce corn rows to us all and he looked like a mop by the end of his matches, during that short experiment.

Deep thoughts, indeed.
poliseo (1) about 3 weeks ago
As a PSU fan, you have to be worried about Facundo after that terrible performance at the scuffle. He didn't look anything like a Dave Schultz award winner. Past and present PSU stars (Nolf, Nickal, Retherford, Joseph, Brooks, Starocci) all showed big-time promise in their redshirt year. Facundo looked soft to me. On a positive note, Michael Beard looked like a beast before he was injured - I hope it's nothing serious. He's a future NCAA champ.
intermat_user22 (2) about 3 weeks ago
Eager to see the season unfold for Woods of Stanford and of course Keegan O'Toole of Mizzou.
Congrats to both on Scuffle titles.
Also, congrats to Hunter Bolen of VT and Cam Caffey of Michigan State. Both are talents to watch.
ban basketball (1) about 3 weeks ago
I noticed that Hendrickson does look like a fairly ripped, lean heavyweight, so maybe this is true. I know a local, retired Air Force vet who told me that the Air Force can never really be very competitive in football because the AF has a cap on how heavy their cadets/students can be, simply because of weight restrictions with flying.

It's hard for me to doubt a 20+ year retiree, and I could have also misheard that it only applied to those who want to be pilots, but I'm wondering about the vaildity of this.