Big 12 Conference Recap (12/15/21)

UNI 141 lber Cael Happel (photo courtesy of Mark Lundy;

Friday 12/10

North Dakota State DEF Edinboro 34-9
North Dakota State DEF Binghamton 27-12

Saturday 12/11

Iowa State, South Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Missouri at UNI Open, hosted by Northern Iowa

3rd Place - Caleb Fuessley (ISU)

2nd Place - Kyle Biscoglia (UNI)
4th Place - Jack Wagner (UNI)
5th Place - Jack Skudlarczyk (UNI)
6th Place - Julian Farber (UNI)


2nd Place - Cael Happel (UNI)
4th Place - Ethan Basile (UNI)


1st Place - Colin Realbuto (UNI)
4th Place - Daniel Kimball (South Dakota State)
5th Place - Logan Gioffre (Missouri)


2nd Place - Jarrett Jacques (Missouri)
3rd Place - Derek Holschlag (UNI)
4th Place - Cayd Lara (UNI)
5th Place - Rj Weston (UNI)
6th Place - Cael Swensen (SDSU)


3rd Place - Isaac Judge (ISU)
4th Place - Grant Stotts (ISU)
5th Place - Carter Schmidt (ISU)


2nd Place - Pat Schoenfelder (UNI)
4th Place - Julien Broderson (ISU)
5th Place - Sean Harman (Missouri)
6th Place - Ellis Pfleger (Missouri)


1st Place - Parker Keckeisen (UNI)
2nd Place - Colton Hawks (Missouri)
3rd Place - Roman Rogotzke (SDSU)
5th Place - Cade King (SDSU)
6th Place - DeMichael Franklin (ISU)


2nd Place - Cody Donnelly (SDSU)
4th Place - Noah Glaser (UNI)
6th Place - Adam Ahrendson (UNI)


1st Place - Tyrell Gordon (UNI)
2nd Place - Bowen McConville (SDSU)
3rd Place - Ethan Andersen (ISU)
4th Place - Juan Mora (North Dakota State)
6th Place - Seth Nitzel (Missouri)

North Dakota State DEF Buffalo 34-7

Sunday 12/5

West Virginia DEF VMI 36-3
Oklahoma State DEF Oklahoma 31-3

There wasn't a lot on the schedule last week with finals and fall graduation for a lot of schools, but the Big 12 went 4-0 vs. out of conference opponents and UNI hosted a big tournament with a number of schools from the Big 12 sending guys.

Good performances: Colin Realbuto(149) and Tyrell Gordon(HWT) winning the UNI Open

Both Realbuto and Gordon had two ranked matches when UNI wrestled Missouri and Virginia Tech last week. They both lost each of their matches. We often talk about the mental game with wrestling, and it can be difficult to bounce back after a few losses like that. Realbuto and Gordon pretty solidly controlled their brackets here.

Kaden Gfeller is another. Dom Demas was up at 149 replacing Mitch Moore for OU. Gfeller got a really solid win over the two-time Big 12 champion and All-American. The type of win that could be a crucial confidence builder for Gfeller this season.

What everyone is talking about: Two weeks and two rivalry brawls
This one had a little less of a whole team vibe than what we saw with Iowa and Iowa State last week, but during the handshakes after Bedlam, OU heavyweight Josh Heindselman shoves AJ Ferrari and all hell breaks loose for a few seconds before Joe Smith charges in ends things and both teams walk away.
You can check out the video here on my Twitter.

Apparently there has been some bad blood stirring between Heindselman and the Ferraris for some time now according to a Facebook post by AJ SR. The video does seem to show a loud slap that was apparently from Heindselman to the back of Anthony Ferrari.

Crazy thing is these two teams will meet again in February in Stillwater.


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ban basketball (1) about a month and a half ago
Sure nice to see that we don't have a country coming apart at the seams, eh, folks? Two post-match scuffles during the "handshakes" in a couple of weeks' time.

In the case of the Sqwawkers it's a bit easier to piece together, as they all reflect their "leadership." Great job, folks! Way to make us proud.