Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 12/3/2021

2021 NCAA champion Aaron Brooks (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

It's been quite a first month in the college landscape and with two and a half more to go, I don't expect things to slow down any time soon. I caught my first duals of the year with the Garden State Grapple and it felt like being home again with all the shouting, squeaking, chants of two, and stocky dudes of all kinds walking around chests out. It was like music to the cauliflower'ed ear. (working on mine, get to that later) What really caught my attention was the mat next to Rutgers, where girls roughly aged five to ten were absolutely throwing down. Right there. On the Prudential Center arena floor. Right next to Rutgers and Hofstra. How cool is that? These girls are hungry to compete, trained, and can absolutely scrap out there and it's high time girls wrestling is sanctioned everywhere in the country. I'm looking at you PA, you're supposed to be the leader in the sport and we've seen you know how to punish the kids, so how about we reward some others.

We've also seen a lot of talk about the "ducking" situation and all I really have to say about that is get over it for now. It's early. We're all starved for the best action but be patient. You've got teams who haven't competed in two years, guys who only competed for the bare minimum to qualify for March, guys with no knees, and rosters more loaded up than usual. The extra year changed everything about the system and the coaches are still trying to figure out what they're working with. By March, we will have gotten all the top action our little heart's desire. I promise you. Let's do some questions, which I'm quite sure are not about wrestling.

In the spirit of Vegas week, what's your game of choice at the casino? @FantasyD1Wrestl

My esteemed cubiclemate FCW was on a plane yesterday, so his question is valid this time. Jersey fans will tell you the only thing better than a big wrestling tourney is having it near a casino. I'm not a huge gambler, but when I do, I prefer to hit the Blackjack table. If you're not afraid of dropping three or four hundred bucks or trying to grind out sixty bucks in winnings, then this is the game to play. I can sit down with a drink in a calm situation for a good few hours, just enjoying the action without any real consequences like a Craps table wiping me clean in ten minutes.

Here's some advice, if, in the first five hands, some dude is complaining loudly about every card he gets, then get up and walk away. Bad mojo like that never brings any luck to a table. Other than that, learn to add small numbers quickly, don't double down against a face card, and enjoy some CKLV in between.

I have noticed a lot of Twitter posts about what makes one mentally weak…what makes someone mentally tough???? @DutrowJim

You'll have to ask Jacob Kasper, aka Julius Creed. He hasn't got that far yet in his lessons and, for now, I'm merely keeping tabs on the things that make us weak-minded.

What do you think of these top kids leaving high school early to finish up online and train at RTCs after they commit? Or better yet, is expecting blue chip-type kids to start as true freshman becoming more common and if so, is that good for the sport? @LanaRowley

I chalk it up mostly to the uncertainty of the last year and what's ahead. You can see how a top kid can feel like moving on after a lifeless short season with no fans, while they're already thinking about the next level. Online classes, albeit necessary, undoubtedly took away the allure of being in school and enjoying your success.

Now you've got a kid in position to begin the next process and already used to online learning. I do think it will get back to normal when full seasons are back in swing and don't think it will become the norm.

Certainly, true freshmen starting was becoming a thing, but that might change now with the extra year backlogging plenty of teams.

Are you still alive and if so, how bad does the other guy look? @JoeKania3

How did you defeat the fireball? @RichardAMann

The Incident. First off, it wasn't cigarette-related, so we can keep that gimmick going until I quit or it kills me. Long story short, a flaming pot of oil flew past my head and out the door, grazing the left side of my head, which was luckily protected by a hoodie and Covid hair. You react in the moment and don't think about it until after and I've certainly thought of the numerous ways I could be dead or burned badly. Maybe it's a miracle or angels looking out for me that made a flaming pot of oil fly down the stairs and out the door missing nearly everything in its way, but that was crazy.

I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to check on me. It means more to me than you know that you care and I will not forget it. Thanks to my brother for sacrificing himself in the moment and possibly saving my life.
Keep your head up, bro. You'll be back to your normal self soon enough. Most importantly to my fiance, you have been by my side from the ER to right now, helping in any way you could and I just don't know what I would do without you. I love you and promise not to mess up what used to be a pretty solid face anymore.

Does signing Mad Max help erase the pain of when Matt Harvey put himself back in the game in the 9th inning of game 5? @Coach___Wheels

I just got burned again. Have a good weekend all, time to get my Cliff Keen on.


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mjl5249 (3) about 2 months ago
This mailbag article really went down hill...

No Wonder Flo is owning you guys lol
dbestsport (2) about 2 months ago
Than why are you here? Go read FLO.
mjl5249 (2) about 2 months ago
I do!

I mean do you really enjoy going to a wrestling news website and not reading about wrestling news???
dbestsport (2) about 2 months ago
This is an entertainment page.
It's certainly a far cry better than before. I don't sign up for IM or Flo to hear their political opinions.
There are lots of stories on IM that keep me up to date on scores, recruits, wrestling news. This is a departure. Just because you have an IM account doesn't mean you are obligated to read the Friday Mailbag.
But that aside, looking forward to some great wrestling this weekend. I hope you enjoy it as well.
foxwit99 (3) about 2 months ago
This feature has really gone downhill. If I want "entertainment", I am certainly not visiting this page. I come here for wrestling questions and intelligent responses, not personal drama and angst. Yes, ther are lots of stories on IM that I am interestewd in folowing. This alleged "letters" column is not one of them. Your statement, saying in essence, "I don't care what you think, you're on IM, so stop complaining, is an insult to all who pay a premium to visit this site and get what we paid for. You changed the Friday mailbag for the worse, and then you insult users for complaining. . Not a good way to manage a site.
Earl (1) about 2 months ago
Flo is owning us? News to me.
Unlimited424 (3) about 2 months ago
Another big weekend of D1 Wrestling and we get no wrestling content here. I think Willie should move Jagger's to fashion and other content, and put someone on this column who will discuss wrestling issues.

This seems obvious, and not too much to ask!
ban basketball (5) about 2 months ago
"Another big weekend of D1 Wrestling and we get no wrestling content here. I think Willie should move Jagger's to fashion and other content, and put someone on this column who will discuss wrestling issues.

This seems obvious, and not too much to ask!"

Well, when you consider that Foley drove the 30 percenters into blind screaming rages over his rasslin talk, mes is thinking that there's no one on here who will satisfy people.
Unlimited424 (1) about 2 months ago
Yes, it's difficult to satisfy anyone nowadays! But, all I'm looking for is good wrestling analysis and content. Not politics, I can get that everywhere else!!

Gotta go, the CKLV is on live!!!
Beicher (3) about 2 months ago
I have been disappointed as well. I saw the picture on Aaron Brooks, thinking I might learn something new about him, but I guess it was just a teaser. I skimmed through the questions and didn't find anything that sounded interesting or even about wrestling (except the one on RTCs). I'm looking for wrestling analysis or an opinon on wrestling questions that many of us fans may have. I didn't always like the opinion of the previous writer of this column (for example, I DO like riding time as I think it makes the match exciting, and I'm OK with singlets), but at least he had interesting wrestling questions. This column was the reason I paid the subscription. Now I'm not sure it is worth it anymore.
M Smart (2) about 2 months ago
Agree, stick to wrestling. Always looked forward to Friday mailbag, no longer.
UsedToBe103 (2) about 2 months ago
I agree with the first comment in that it has gone downhill. I really liked the few times that Willie did the mailbag.
ban basketball (1) about 2 months ago
Perhaps he can just stick to his one true love and refrain from "writing:" fantasy rasslin.