Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 11/19/2021

Iowa head coach Tom Brands (Photo/Tony Rotundo;

I spent all week debating whether to discuss the DeSanto issue or not. Well, guess what? I still don't want to talk about and I don't think you want to read about it either, so we're not going to do that. Week three is here and things are heating up. First off, just a huge congratulations to Clarissa Chun on being named head coach at Iowa. We are living in historic times all-around pertaining to the wrestling world. This ranks right up there. She joins Tom Brands, Jim Zalesky, and Dan freakin Gable as the only four people on the planet who can call themselves an Iowa head coach. The movement for D1 Women's college wrestling is in full swing and we all wish Clarissa the best of luck in pioneering the revolution. To the questions!

When preparing for Video setups for ANY wrestling tournaments,
Do you have any tips or guidance on set up? @MichWrestlinRef

Probably the most important question one can ask these days. With matches seemingly everywhere, it's nearly impossible to catch everything at once. Seeing as "Watch Parties" are all the rage these days, you might have one of your own! First thing you obviously need is screens. Someone gets a new TV and asks if you want the old one you must always take it. Next, I'd invest in some Roku devices. They're cheap, easy to use, and carry all the apps. For multi-screen advanced users, the Apple TV 4 model or older has the quad-screen capability (An absolute must-have in March). After that, dial-up any computer, computer, tablet, or phone and now you got a good six to eight screens running like a well-oiled machine. Now all you gotta do is have a seat, crank the wifi to 11, and watch bits and pieces of eight matches at once.

If the top college wrestling programs were 80s hair bands, who would be who? @Pelikanhead

Long-time reader Pelikan Head wants me to stay up all night pondering ridiculous comparisons. Well, "Oblige him," as Lt. Aldo Raine once said. Everyone will want to know who Guns and Roses are, of course. Here's the problem with that; they're not a hair band. They don't sound like a hair band, don't look like a hair band, and had success in the 90's. So clearly, they're Clemson because they're not a wrestling team and also had success in the 90's.

Oklahoma State definitely has to be the Bullet Boys. The best Hair Band nobody talks about and my personal favorite is Cinderella. The best team nobody talks about? That would be UPenn. Bonus points for the band/team Philly connection. As for the number one Iowa Hawkeyes? Well, that would be Motley Crue, of course. Mainly because both went through an entire decade without a lineup change and it's still 1987 in the State of Iowa. Truly Heaven.

What team has had the best opening this season, Rutgers, Columbia, Missouri, VT, or NC St? Ted Carreras

Missouri will put a hurtin' on ya and that's with Brock Mauller seemingly sitting this one out. Rutgers looks solid while getting kids plenty of work through duals and opens. Remember, they barely wrestled last year as a whole and are fully making up for it early on this year. I'm most excited to see VT and NC St at the Collegiate Dual Duals next month. You have to love what you're seeing from Columbia right now as they add some more fire to the Ivy schools.

Let's fast forward to Friday night January 28th and you are preparing for the big Penn State vs. Iowa match. What's the food situation look like for you? Cooking in, ordering takeout/delivery? Maybe taking the significant other out for an early dinner? Snacks during the match?@obrats

I will 100% be having pizza. Maybe I'll drink a little red wine for the match to get me tuned up. The significant other will be in the other room watching The Great Pottery Throwdown because she does not, in fact, like tough wrestling. Have you seen this show? It's hypnotizing.

With Marinelli hopefully healthy, Evan Wick back, Keegan O'Toole still improving, and Shane Griffith looking better than ever, is Jake Wentzel a title contender?@OldestGreatest

As long as Jake can get through round one, I have the utmost confidence in him.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and the only two cigarette brands available were Newport 100s and Parliaments, which would you smoke and why? @JoeKania3

Newports fit my menthol style and I can utilize the little cupped filters of the Parliaments as a survival tool of some kind. On that note, I think we'll wrap it up.

Huge weekend coming up starting tonight with some loaded duals continuing all through the weekend. Check out the viewer guide for time and channel, then check out Richard Mann's MMA guide to see if your former favorite or most hated wrestler has a chance to get punched in the face this weekend. Until next week, take it sleazy.


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benjmo11 (1) a week and a half ago
jagger is a friggin riot. bravo
Oricalde21 (1) a week and a half ago
Another terrible mailbag.
Standup1990 (1) a week and a half ago
Standup1990 (1) a week and a half ago
So many great, interesting topics available. Consider a guest, pseudonymous week for some provoking discussion.
Dave J (1) a week ago
wow, worthless content. So this is how we promote wrestling? No wonder u have to pay to read results. Terrible.
ban basketball (1) a week ago
DeSanto needs to be removed from the team and the university. Trust me when I tell you that if a student threatens to kill someone they're gone as a student.

ALL about winning though, eh, friends?
whitjitsu (1) a week ago
7 days and I'm gone, account expires and not renewing. Why? This mailbag, nothing else. If there was no mailbag at all, I'd stay. But the fact that this kind of content is published here tells me it's time to go. I hope the 8th graders this stuff is written for have enough $$ to keep you afloat.
thewhorehouseisbusy (1) a week ago
Why does Terry Brands think he has to get into a fight at every Iowa dual? Isn't he over 40? Very childlike.
ban basketball (1) 5 days ago
"Why does Terry Brands think he has to get into a fight at every Iowa dual? Isn't he over 40? Very childlike."

Has needed a good, solid backhand to the noggin in a long time, but a nose flick will do too.