Fantasy College Wrestling 21-22 - Week 3 (Early Locks) Outlook

Missouri's 2x national qualifier Jarrett Jacques (Photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Another fun week of wrestling in the books, now we move on to Week 3. Several teams (23 to be exact) will be locking before the weekend, so let's get to the quick picks of Early Locks.

As a reminder:

1) The wrestler will lock at 9am EST on the first day of the week where that team competes (against D1 competition or other).

2) Once a wrestler is locked, he cannot be moved until the next scoring week.

3) Points will only count for matches against D1 competition

Teams locking this week:

Locking Wednesday: Bloomsburg, Nebraska, and North Carolina

Locking Thursday: American, Army, George Mason, and Penn State

Locking Friday: Air Force, Arizona State, California Baptist, Columbia, CSU Bakersfield, Davidson, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Princeton, South Dakota State, Utah Valley, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

Some notes to consider:

Week 3 kicks off with a pretty good Wednesday night dual with North Carolina visiting Nebraska (9pm ET/8pm CT). Technically, it starts with Bloomsburg taking on two non-D1 teams at 6 and 9pm ET, but as noted above, those won't count on your scoresheet. Bloomsburg does travel to the Navy Classic on Saturday 11/20, though.

Penn State hosts Army on Thursday, and a couple close matchups at 149 (Beau Bartlett v recent wooden hammer recipient PJ Ogunsanya), 157 Barraclough vs Hartman, and Edsell v Harkins. Those matches I think will be close (and very entertaining) but didn't make the list.

Aside from the secret of how many pounds are contained within the body of Yianni Diakomihalis, the Michigan lineup might be Mystery #2 of this season so far. We have yet to see Stevan Micic, Myles Amine, and Mason Parris. I'm hoping we get to see them, but of those three I think Parris is the most likely to step on the mat for their double dual weekend.

While Virginia Tech has six wrestlers on this list compared to Ohio State's one, This dual is going to be close and entertaining. Same with Princeton at Iowa, where Iowa holds the majority of wrestlers on this list, but I expect a light of hard fought battles, going Iowa's way in the end. No slight on Princeton, kudos to them on scheduling the Champs as their first dual of the season.

A few teams have tournaments also scheduled for this weekend, but it's still too far out to confirm what (if any) starters are going. As usual, when I hear something you'll be the first to know.


Again, these "Early Lock'' articles are short and sweet to help with your decision making with early locking wrestlers on your roster. Keep an eye out for the Week 3 Outlook article and an ear for the #FCWpodcast, coming soon. Got a question? Got a Recommendation? Let me know. I can be reached @FantasyD1wrestl.

Wrestlers I Like This Week (the early locks)

Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]


Liam Cronin (Nebraska)- Vs North Carolina [+3], Daktronics Open

Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley)- Vs CSU Bakersfield, Vs Cal Baptist (@CBU) [+8]

Sam Latona (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+7]


Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+7]

Austin DeSanto (Iowa)- Vs Princeton [+4]

Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]

Michael McGee (Arizona State)- Vs Oklahoma [+3]


Kaden Cassidy (George Mason)- @ American [+4], Keystone Classic

Jaydin Eierman (Iowa)- Vs Princeton [+5]

Nick Lee (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]


Alex Madrigal (George Mason)- @ American [+4], Keystone Classic

Josh Edmond (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+3], Lindenwood Open

Kanen Storr (Michigan)- @ Columbia, @ Buffalo [+7]

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)- @ Virginia Tech [+3]


Jarrett Jacques (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+3], Lindenwood Open

Austin O'Connor (North Carolina)- @ Nebraska, Vs Campbell [+9]

Connor Brady (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+7]

Will Lewan (Michigan)- @ Columbia, @ Buffalo [+6]

Markus Hartman (Army)- @ Penn State [+3]


Keegan O'Toole (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+6], Lindenwood Open

Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley)- Vs CSU Bakersfield, Vs Cal Baptist (@CBU) [+8]

Cam Amine (Michigan)- @ Columbia, @ Buffalo [+7]

Peyton Hall (West Virginia)- @ Davidson, @ NC State [+1]

Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)- Vs Oklahoma [+5]

Alex Marinelli (Iowa)- Vs Princeton [+4]

Dalton Harkins (Army)- @ Penn State [+3]


Peyton Mocco (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+4], Lindenwood Open

Michael Labriola (Nebraska)- Vs North Carolina [+3], Daktronics Open

Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+7]

Michael Kemerer (Iowa)- Vs Princeton [+5]

Carter Starocci (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]


Jeremiah Kent (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+4], Lindenwood Open

Taylor Venz (Nebraska)- Vs North Carolina [+3], Daktronics Open

Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+8]

Aaron Brooks (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]


Rocky Elam (Missouri)- Vs Air Force [+5], Lindenwood Open

Eric Schultz (Nebraska)- Vs North Carolina [+3], Daktronics Open

Pat Brucki (Michigan)- @ Columbia, @ Buffalo [+8]

Max Dean (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]


Issac Righter (American)- Vs George Mason [+4] , Navy Classic

Mason Parris (Michigan)- @ Columbia, @ Buffalo [+8]

Nathan Traxler (Virginia Tech)- Vs Ohio State, Vs Gardner-Webb [+7]

Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa)- Vs Princeton [+5]

Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)- Vs Army [+4]

Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State)- Vs Oklahoma [+3]

Think I missed someone? Disagree with someone on the list or their projection? Let me know!


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