DI Live Streaming Guide (11/10-11/14)

2021 NCAA finals(Photo/Tony Rotundo;

DI wrestling is back and will be in full-force this weekend as 30 duals and a host of open tournaments are on the slate. Since it can be difficult to figure out where and when to watch all of these events, InterMat has put together a list of all of the live-streamed events occurring this weekend. Below are the dates/times and how to watch each match.

****Please note: We published this today since their is a dual meet on Wednesday. There are still a handful of event without a stream posted. If these do end up having streams they will be added****

All times Eastern

Wednesday, November 10:

Franklin & Marshall at Elizabethtown, 7:00 PM Elizabethtown Digital Network

Thursday, November 11:

Chadron State at Nebraska, 7:00 PM BTN+
Missouri at North Dakota State, 8:00 PM NDSU All-Access
Nebraska-Kearney at Nebraska, 8:00 PM BTN+

Friday, November 12:

Pittsburgh at Buffalo, 7:00 PM ESPN+
Virginia at Maryland, 7:00 PM BTN+
Little Rock vs. Wisconsin at Wisconsin-La Crosse, 8:00 PM BoxCast

Saturday, November 13:

Chattanooga at Davidson, 10:00 AM
Clarion vs. Rutgers at Davidson, 10:00 AM
Bellarmine at George Mason, 10:00 AM ESPN+
Bucknell vs. Averett at George Mason, 10:00 AM ESPN+
Northern Iowa at Grand View Open, Pleasant Hill, IA, 10:00 AM
Minnesota, North Dakota State, South Dakota State at Bison Open, hosted by North Dakota State, 11:00 AM
Chattanooga vs. Clarion at Davidson, 11:30 AM
Rutgers at Davidson, 11:30 AM
Bellarmine vs. Averett at George Mason, 11:30 AM ESPN+
Bucknell at George Mason, 11:30 AM ESPN+
Chattanooga vs. Rutgers at Davidson, 1:00 PM
Clarion at Davidson, 1:00 PM
Bellarmine vs. Bucknell at George Mason, 1:00 PM ESPN+
Averett at George Mason, 1:00 PM ESPN+
Presbyterian vs. The Citadel at Summerville, SC, 2:00 PM
Oklahoma at West Virginia, 2:00 PM ESPN+
Oklahoma State at Stanford, 5:00 PM
Penn State vs. Sacred Heart at Manheim, PA, 5:30 PM Journeymen Rokfin
Pittsburgh at Edinboro, 7:00 PM FloWrestling
Penn State vs. Oregon State at Manheim, PA, 7:00 PM Journeymen Rokfin
SIU Edwardsville at Northwestern, 7:00 PM BTN+
Northern Illinois at Rider, 7:00 PM ESPN+

Sunday, November 14:

Air Force, Appalachian State, Arizona State, Duke, Gardner-Webb, Indiana, Kent State at Mountaineer Invitational, hosted by Appalachian State, 9:00 AM

American, Binghamton, Brown, Franklin & Marshall, Navy at Jon Kaloust Bearcat Open, hosted by Binghamton, 9:00 AM

Army West Point, Bloomsburg, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Harvard, Hofstra, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Long Island, Oregon State, Penn, Sacred Heart, VMI at Journeymen Collegiate Classic, Manheim, PA, 9:00 AM FloWrestling

Campbell, NC State, Virginia Tech at Wolfpack WC Open 9:00 AM
Ohio State at Ohio Intercollegiate Open, hosted by Tiffin, 9:00 AM
CSU Bakersfield at Michigan, 1:00 PM BTN+
Purdue at Cleveland State, 2:00 PM
Northern Colorado at Missouri, 2:00 PM


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cradleman (1) about 3 months ago
Time for more wrestling to be shown. I can do streaming but not everyone has that ability. After seeing cornhole and other garbage being shown , it is time for more wrestling.
jasonbryant (1) about 3 months ago
Cornhole's got people paying to show it. Networks don't just pick things to spite wrestling.
jammen (1) about 3 months ago
Kearney & Chadron State vs NEB at 7pm Central, not Eastern, per Huskers
Dave J (1) about 3 months ago
U cant even get wrestling online without paying,some sites make u pay for content u can find elsewhere for free. Wrestling sites need to do a much better job of finding revenue from sponsors if they TRULY want to promote the sport. Do u really believe that anyone who knows nothing about wrestling is going to pay to watch or worse ,read content. You're only getting revenue from the same old fans who pay to watch their 5 year old in a gym each weekend. The only thing these sites are growing is "their" wallets-not to say they're getting rich.
jasonbryant (1) about 2 months ago
Please list specific content you're able to find "free" that's paid elsewhere? This has been a claim made by fans for years (ever since I ran InterMat from 2005-08) and it's never actually been proven with specifics.

If wrestling companies were willing to just lose money every single year, they'd sponsor wrestling sites with no questions asked. Wrestling people want everything for free, so there's actually no value in the product if you're not paying for it.

Do you expect people just to generate content for free and not get paid for it? Do you expect people to take the time to produce content and live stream it for free, with no one to pay for the overhead, bandwidth and personnel to run the stream?

Without these sites, my own included, you wouldn't be getting any content and you'd be back waiting for your AWN to arrive with 2-week old results. There's a ton of free resources that direct you to content. If you don't want to pay for it, then too bad, you don't get to watch it. You pay for the internet to get online. You pay for cable. You pay for every single thing in this world, except air. So why do you expect wrestling to be different? We're all just charity cases? Hardly.

How about instead of complaining about problems, you offer actual solutions? How do you propose a site like this, which has been around since 1995, do a better job at finding revenue from sponsors? How do you propose a sport, that saw many of its market opportunities die during the pandemic, create a model that pays its writers and content creators a fair wage and provides a service to the sport and have someone else pay for it? It's the same people already sponsoring to begin with.

What do you propose? We've seen people of your ilk complain like this for decades and offer no viable solution. Be part of the solution, if you aren't, you're part of the problem.
Saint J (1) about 2 months ago
The Bearcats tournament site lists a fuller number of participants: This year, the tournament continues to feature some of the top teams on the east coast, including the Big Ten's No. 2 Penn State, and EIWA rival Cornell. Other teams with participants include: Brown, Buffalo, Navy, Clarion, Bucknell, Princeton, Franklin & Marshall, Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Rider among others.