InterMat College Staff Picks: Week Two (11/10-11/14)

Northern Illinois' 184 lber Brit Wilson (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo;

Last week we unveiled our "College Staff Picks" feature which will run every week and show picks from upcoming duals of note from our conference correspondent staff and more.

Week one saw three people finish with a 4-1 record, Austin Sommer, Robbie Wendell, and Willie Saylor. Austin and Willie had the same picks. They, along with Robbie, were the only ones that had Lehigh beating Oregon State. Robbie and Rachel Gallardo were alone in picking Campbell over Lehigh. Robbie's only miss came from sticking with his coverage area and taking North Carolina to upset Ohio State.

There was a six-way logjam after those three with a 3-2 record. Seth Duckworth did not make picks last week, so he comes in with a tidy 0-0 record.

Looking at this week's slate, everyone came to a consensus that Oklahoma will travel to Morgantown and defeat West Virginia. The Sooners week one performance at the Michigan State Open, must have swayed our crew. The most polarizing duals this week will be Chattanooga/Clarion and Northern Illinois/Rider. There's an even 5/5 split for Chattanooga/Clarion, while Rider has the slight 6/4 edge in their meeting.

Surprisingly, we have a couple of upset picks with Oregon State over Penn State. Pac-12 correspondent Darius has gone the homer route twice. If his west coast teams come through, he'll certainly take the lead heading into week three.


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mzendar (2) about a month ago
Who are the two dummies who picked Oregon State. Time to get another profession.
obrats (1) about 3 weeks ago
I was 3-2 last week. I got Chatt, Okla, Okie St, Rider, Penn St.
louisarthur (1) about 3 weeks ago
Wow! These are some amazing scoring. I am absolutely love getting the updates here. I could not attempt any of these sports events, since I was stuck giving the marketing dissertation help and it kind of pisses me off how our work-life meddle in our social life. Anyways, all in good times. I guess I am the fact that I am growing up!