Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 10/29/2021

Nick Suriano at Penn State in 2016-17 (Photo/Sam Janicki;

Let's get right to it!

I would like to hear a @Jagger712 synopsis of Vision Quest for someone who's never seen it. @TheMr_Amazing

Vision Quest is the story of a starving artist from New Jersey who travels to San Francisco without a map, thus ending up in Spokane, Washington, during the balmiest winter in ages and gets mixed up in the local high school wrestling scene. Her path crosses with local star and denim enthusiast Brian Shute in a hallway, who's being challenged by some lanky goofball who thinks he's Danny Hodge because he placed eighth at States in his first year and now wants to come at the King. Hilarity ensues.

Are you a fan of the matches before the actual meet they did last year? When women's wrestling becomes more mainstream, do you think they will do women's wrestling the same night as men's or a separate night? Phil S.

I love the extra matches and I do think they will continue moving forward. Perhaps the most unique quirk between wrestling and other sports is the inability to get proper work for your backups. Alabama can unload their bench in the second half with every 45-3 blowout. That doesn't work here. These kids need work, most opens of the non-Dresser variety dry up during the second half of the season, and that can make for a long winter for kids just banging heads in practice every day. I think women's duals should be Thursday and Saturday, making a four-day block of action that doesn't interfere with each other and gives both the spotlight they deserve.

What program would you want a shirt from to wear for #WrestlingShirtADayinMay? @DutrowJim

Easy. Oklahoma State with the wrestling cowboy logo. Bonus points if you can get it to do the Ferrari flex.

Best Music to get the sweat off? @MichWrestlinRef

Being a bit of an old hat, I've always been privy to some Metallica or Pantera types if I'm in an angry mood. Now, if you want to turn that frown upside down while shedding some pounds, try a little disco on the Spotify and see where that takes you. If you can't get hyped to some KC and the Sunshine Band, that's a you problem, not a me problem.

Do people in real life know about your Twitter exploits? @OldestGreatest

They think I'm @Rhino184.

What's your story? When, why, how did you get involved in wrestling @bananacoffeeman

Good question, since it does seem I appeared out of thin air. I grew up wrestling, so I've always been around it, but only ever followed the local Jersey scene into adulthood. I really got back into it during the Suriano HS run and on a boring day in December 2016, I decided to check out how he was doing in college, yada, yada, yada…

I somehow ended up here. I'm a pure fan; I never claimed to be an expert. I enjoy watching wrestling, talking about wrestling, joking about wrestling, and am grateful that I've been accepted into this world.

Fav Bon Jovi concert we attended. @BulldogTCOB

New Jersey tour 1989 at The Meadowlands, of course! We were in the "Lay Your Hands on Me" video!

Do you think @UHSPEutectics is in the dark about the previous job experience (and subsequent resignations) of their current head coach, who was given opportunities at 2 Top 5 programs and lasted maybe a combined 6 months? Both were omitted from his bio NJCAA and DII programs. @Swayzhappens

Fake it until you make it!

What's your biggest fear? @Pelikanhead


I'm super excited for the Stanford-Oklahoma State Dual, just 17 days away. Since it is at 2PM on a Friday, what is the perfect snack to cook for an afternoon dual?
Luke Wise

PB and J, three slices, toast the bread. That should hold you over until suppertime.

First match this season involving two D1 teams is Buffalo vs. Wisconsin, would love to hear your breakdown of how the match will play out. #FirstTimeLongTime @Obrats

You couldn't give two poops about my opinion on this and you know it. I say the Bulls Mafia turns into the Bills Mafia and puts the Sconnies through a table for a 22-17 victory.

Well, that's it for me! Thanks for sending in your questions and I wish I could get to them all, but like Matt Damon in the green room at Jimmy Kimmel, we just ran out of time. You can ask again, or I'll just try to get back to them. Until then, have a great weekend and watch Street League 2! Dysen Gould skipping high school and going straight to the pros!


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The_mr_amazing (1) about a month ago
Biggest Fear: “Screenshots” 😂
mjl5249 (1) about a month ago
Is that Suriano Pic a hint at the future?
dbestsport (2) about a month ago
I wondered the same thing.
Unlimited424 (2) about a month ago
The Friday column used to be an interesting column that covered current issues and readers' questions. If Jaggers wants to do a comedy column, he can do it elsewhere. I can completely do without this!!!

Please put him on another beat and either bring Willie back, or put someone else on the Friday column.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!!!
UWW_Creative (1) about a month ago
The Friday column is still an interesting column because it answers questions concerning current issues from fans. I appreciate the professionalism that *** JAGGER (USA) displays each week. I could completely do without Unlimited424.

Please tell Unlimited424 and their group of no talent hacks to fuck themselves.
Unlimited424 (2) about a month ago
If that was "professionalism", it seems like your standard for that is more than a little low! That sort of journalism would get you fired at work.

And how is it that I'm part of a no talent group, I'm as knowledgeable about Folkstyle and Freestyle wrestling as most anyone on this site.

You seem to be trying to turn my legitimate response to Jagger's very weak attempt at wrestling stand-up comedy into some political statement. It specifically was not.

And then you end up using the f-bomb.
That belongs down with pond scum.

So be it, I still hope you have a good day!!!
mzendar (2) about a month ago
Not here for jokes. Hope next week he's not talking about his favorite socks. Bring Foley back.
djhart69 (2) about a month ago
I've been a big fan the mailbag for years, but wow! The last two weeks are the two worst I can ever remember.
Oricalde21 (1) about a month ago
Terrible mailbag, it should go away if you’re going to take care of it.