Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 10/22/2021

Drexel's national qualifier Mickey O'Malley (Photo/Sam Janicki;

Mailbags. Ever since the birth of the newspaper, someone thought it was a good idea to have readers send in their questions about marriage advice, nosy neighbors, and favorite pot roast recipes. I can't help you with those things. But fear not, there's still plenty of useless knowledge in the old noggin to drop on anyone willing to listen. First off, I'd like to thank Willie and Earl for giving me the opportunity to take over this long-time staple of InterMat and I hope I can entertain you to the fullest of my capabilities along the way. I feel they are building something special here, while trying to bring you the best wrestling coverage in the country and I'm honored to be included in the growth.

But enough about them, this is my time. If you're familiar with me on Twitter, then you probably know what I'm all about and if you're not familiar with me, well, get on Twitter, you fools! You're missing all the fun.

To your questions!

Fave Twitter rivalries? @gallardo_rachel

A potentially epic feud is heating up between Jersey Hokie and the Hidlay brothers that might explode before March, if we're lucky. I'm also partial to Coach Green vs ranch dressing truthers, Coach Dom vs. Soprano's hate, and Pelican Head vs basically everyone. Speaking of which…

Who is a Jersey guy that is under the radar this season that we should keep an eye on? Who is tweeting/writing about wrestling lately that has you laughing? @pelicanhead

With the shortened and late NJ season, it was hard to get a read on the new blood in town. One guy I've kept my eye on for a few years is CBA sophomore Alex Nini. He tore through youth states year after year and placed eighth as a freshman last year. Now, at the always tough 120 lb weight class, look for him to make noise at the Super 32 this season, as he tunes up for what should be a breakout high school season.

Wrestling is a very serious sport filled with men and women who train extremely hard to reach their goals and I do not appreciate you making light of it for your own amusement, good sir. Oldest and Greatest is pretty funny though, you should listen to his podcast.

Favorite NJ wrestler who competes for a Philly program? @WrestlingPhilly

What's your favorite thing about New Jersey wrestling? @irunwithdogs

Best crowd you've been a part of? @oldestandgreatest

Look folks, we're gonna get some Jersey questions here since the rest of the country is obsessed with us. Penn showed those Ivy League smarts and loaded up on Jersey guys like they were disco fries at the local diner, but my heart belongs to Drexel's Mickey O'Malley.

The best crowd I've been to recently (crowds are sparse these days) was a St. Joe's-Bergen Catholic dual right before the world shut down in 2020 and the environment there is what my favorite thing about NJ wrestling is. You take a small state with big talent and you get a bunch of kids banging heads since the second they're out of diapers leading to some salty grandmother booing some kid because she remembers when he slammed her little Kaden ten years earlier. I could go on and on, but lets transition out of the Garden State for now before I get fired for being a homer.

Who is most likely to pull a 2017 Thomas Gilman and gas someone from bottom? @jkos11

Pick your favorite Buckeye who's impossible to turn.

I think Nick Lee takes out Yianni to repeat as NCAA champ this year. Thoughts? @wrestlingjunki6

We still don't know if Yianni stays at 141 to reclaim his crown or looks for new land to conquer at 149, but more importantly, I'm very intrigued to see how he responds after two years of high-level freestyle. Let's be real here. The guy is one late loss away from chasing Cael and my money is still on him to bang out two more chips, until something tells me otherwise. Nick is the one man I feel can knock him off as we've seen him jump levels like he found the warp zone in Super Mario Bros, not to mention having the master game planner in his corner; always looking bored as heck, yet always plotting how to get his next victory.

Was Mike C. actually Foley burner? @codyOcho5

We all know Foley is UWW Creative

How much money would you say you've spent on dining out on grilled cheese sandwiches over the years? @BulldogTCOB

My grilled cheese is always on the house. Marlboros, not so much!


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Archie23 (2) about a month and a half ago
This was a waste of time. If you are not going to take this seriously, then don't write at all. If you weren't from New Jersey or a close personal friend who understood your jokes there wasn't much here other than the Yianni question.
Earl (2) about a month and a half ago
As Jagger said....We take this sport super-seriously...the men and women involved bust their butts to unfathomable levels. At InterMat, we've put out almost 30 team previews in the last week and generally are pretty serious in our coverage.

But we can be serious about the sport, while having just a little bit of fun too.
The_mr_amazing (1) about a month and a half ago
Shut the fuck up. You sound like a crybaby! This was one of the more inter taunting mailbags I’ve ever read.
Oracle (2) about a month and a half ago
Have to agree --- need top re-evaluate. Won't read this again.
The_mr_amazing (1) about a month and a half ago
Good, I assume Jagger and InterMat could care less if a dude with no humor decides not to read an opinion piece they published.
obrats (2) about a month and a half ago
Perhaps instead of hating you should ask a question and see how he does?
Oracle (1) about a month and a half ago
Stating an opinion is not hating.
obrats (2) about a month and a half ago
Note to Mr Jagger, maybe don’t get into the the pork roll/Taylor Ham debate just yet.
ban basketball (1) about a month and a half ago
*WARNING: Dangerous words about to ensue. Protect the kids from this danger NOW!*

Given the fact that Jagger recently flew into a blind, screaming rage at my comment that I was ignorant of how fantasy sports/rasslin works (even flew off the handle at my typo with the word, ignorant), these comments should REALLY send him off the edge!
Gilgamesh (1) about a month and a half ago
Personally, I find Jagger hilarious. I hope he starts mentioning my work.
tuneighty (1) about a month and a half ago
Great piece. Looking forward to more!
clevo (1) about a month and a half ago
Wow, from Foley doing analysis and linking to actual wrestling content to Willie doing Willie to this kid firing off li'l Jersey zingers? What's next, sharing your favorite New Jersey scratch off lottery ticket secrets? It sure doesn't seem like this space is going to be looking at stats or providing any analysis in the near future.
djhart69 (1) about a month and a half ago
What did I just read? Is this about wrestling?