NATO over Suriano Highlights Quarterfinals at WTT

Nathan Tomasello (Photo/Tony Rotundo;

Many questions were answered in the first session of the World Team Trials which featured familiar faces either at new weights or coming back from long layoffs.

The stunner of the session came at 61kg where Nick Suriano, who many had as a title contender, lost in the quarterfinals to Nathan Tomasello in a tight 3-0 bout. In other 61 action, Daton Fix looked fresh in his first appearance up as he teched Seth Gross, 11-0. And the anticipated rematch from 2019 Final X played out in a high scoring affair where Joe Colon nipped Nahshon Garrett.

At 70kg, Olympic Trials Champ Jordan Oliver scored a late push out to edge 2-time World Team Member Zain Retherford. Ryan Deakin rallied from a 6-0 deficit to beat Tyler Berger 10-6.

The action resumes at 5:30 CT time today with a fantastic set of semi's listed below. The best-of-three finals are tomorrow.

61KG Quarterfinal Results

Tyler Graff, TMWC def. Josh Kramer, SK, 12-5

Daton Fix, TMWC tf. Seth Gross, SK, 11-0

Nathan Tomasello, TMWC def. Nick Suriano, SK, 3-0

Joe Colon, TMWC def. Nahshon Garrett, TMWC, 13-12

61KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Tyler Graff, TMWC vs. Daton Fix, TMWC Seth Gross, SK

Nathan Tomasello, TMWC vs. Joe Colon, TMWC

65KG Quarterfinal Results

Luke Pletcher, PITT def. Dean Heil, TMWC, 7-4

Evan Henderson, TMWC tf. Henry Pohlmeyer, SK, 12-2

65KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Yianni Diakomihalis, TMWC vs. Luke Pletcher, PITT

Evan Henderson, TMWC vs. Joey McKenna, TMWC

70KG Quarterfinal Results

James Green, TMWC fall. Brock Mauller, Tiger

Jordan Oliver, SK def. Zain Retherford, NLWC, 2-2

Ryan Deakin, TMWC def. Tyler Berger, CRTC, 10-6

Alec Pantaleo, TMWC def. Brayton Lee, Gopher, 9-0

70KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

James Green, TMWC vs. Jordan Oliver, SK

Ryan Deakin, TMWC vs. Alec Pantaleo, TMWC

79KG Quarterfinal Results

Jordan Burroughs, SK def. Chance Marsteller, TMWC, 4-1

Jason Nolf, NLWC tf. Evan Wick, TMWC, 10-0

Isaiah Martinez, TMWC def. Taylor Lujan, TMWC, 10-7

Alex Dieringer, TMWC def. David McFadden, TMWC, 3-1

79KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Jordan Burroughs, SK vs. Jason Nolf, NLWC

Isaiah Martinez, TMWC vs. Alex Dieringer, TMWC

92KG Quarterfinal Results

J'den Cox, TMWC tf. Drew Foster, Panther, 11-0

Myles Martin, SK def. Kyven Gadsen, TMWC, 4-0

Kollin Moore, TMWC def. Trent Hidlay, TWMC, 5-4

Nate Jackson, NYAC tf. Isaac Trumble, TMWC, 10-0

92KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

J'den Cox, TMWC vs. Myles Martin, SK

Kollin Moore, TMWC vs. Nate Jackson, NYAC

125KG Quarterfinal Results

Nick Gwiazdowski, NYAC tf. Demetrius Thomas, PITT, 10-0

Jordan Wood, LVWC def. Ty Walz, TMWC, 1-1

Hayden Zillmer, Gopher def. Dom Bradley, SK, 5-3

Mason Parris, CKWC fall. Austin Schafer, NYAC, 2:15

125KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Nick Gwiazdowski, NYAC vs. Jordan Wood, LVWC

Hayden Zillmer, Gopher vs. Mason Parris, CKWC


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ban basketball (1) about 11 months ago
*WARNING: Dangerous words about to ensue. proteck the kids from this danger NOW!*

I've always found the abbreviated name to be as cheesy as we can get, except my self-appointed, HUD MAC for HUD McVeigh Hannity.

So, with that said, if Tomasello is NATO, why then is Suriano not NISU?

Deep thoughts indeed...