Women's Semi's Set At World Team Trials

Emma Bruntil (Photo/Tony Rotundo;

Tonight's semifinals are set in the Women's division at Senior World Team Trials in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nearly all the top seeds held in the first session as 20 of the 24 semifinalists were seeded in the Top 5.

Two #2 did fall however as Amy Fearnside (53kg) took out Dominique Parrish and Samantha Klingel (55kg) pinned Cheyenne Sisenstein.

Tonight's semifinals are at 5:30 CT and will set the stage for tomorrow's best-of-three finals.

53KG Quarterfinal Results

Ronna Heaton, SK fall. Emily Shilson, TMWC, 5:05

Areana Villaescusa, WCAP def. Alex Hedrick, TMWC, 6-4

Alyssa Lampe, SK def. Alisha Howk, SK, 8-4

Amy Fearnside, TMWC def. Dominique Parrish, SK, 6-1

53KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Ronna Heaton, SK vs. Areana Villaescusa, WCAP

Alyssa Lampe, SK vs. Amy Fearnside, TMWC

55KG Quarterfinal Results

Jenna Burkert, WCAP def. Lauren Mason, UVRTC, 7-2

Marissa Gallegos, CO Mesa def. Melanie Mendoza, Tornado, 4-2

Amanda Martinez, Cardinal tf. Ngao Whitehorn, Twin Cities, 12-2

Samantha Klingel, WCAP fall. Cheyenne Sisenstein, Tornado, 2:23

55KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Jenna Burkert, WCAP vs. Marissa Gallegos, CO Mesa

Amanda Martinez, Cardinal vs. Samantha Klingel, WCAP

59KG Quarterfinal Results

Maya Nelson, SK fall. Claire Dicugno, TD Express, 1:49

Xochitl Mota-Pettis, Rise tf. Brenda Reyna, TMWC, 10-0

Megan Black, WCAP fall. Cam Guerin, TMWC, 5:59

Michaela Beck, SK tf. Esther Han, Utah, 12-2

59KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Maya Nelson, SK vs. Xochitl Mota-Pettis, Rise

Megan Black, WCAP vs.Michaela Beck, SK

62KG Quarterfinal Results

Kayla Miracle, SK fall. Sierra Brown Ton, Twin Cities, :20

Gracie Figueroa, TMWC def. Ana Luciano, Osceola, 4-0

Jennifer Page, TMWC tf. Desiree Zavala, Washington, 11-0

Mallory Velte, TMWC tf. Zoe Nowicki, Bulldog, 10-0

62KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Kayla Miracle, SK vs. Gracie Figueroa, TMWC

Jennifer Page, TMWC vs. Mallory Velte, TMWC

65KG Quarterfinal Results

Forrest Molinari, SK def. Alara Boyd, McKendree, 8-2

Skyler Grote, NYAC Ashlynn Ortega, CO

Solin Piearcy, Menlon dec. Julia Salata, NYAC, 10-8

Emma Bruntil, TMWC tf. Marisol Nugent, SK, 10-0

65KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Forrest Molinari, SK vs. Skyler Grote, NYAC

Solin Piearcy, Menlon vs. Emma Bruntil, TMWC

72KG Quarterfinal Results

Kennedy Blades, SK tf. Aury Naylor, Georgia, 10-0

Dymond Guiliford, TMWC def. Alyvia Fiske, TMWC, 8-4

Yelena Makoyed, Cardinal tf. Niahela Magee, WCAP, 10-0

Kylee Welker, TMWC fall. Marlynne Deede, Twin Cities, :37

72KG Semifinal MatchUps - Saturday 5:30 PM

Kennedy Blades, SK vs. Dymond Guiliford, TMWC

Yelena Makoyed, Cardinal vs. Kylee Welker, TMWC


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