Gable Steveson Signs with WWE; Will Return to Minnesota

2020 Olympic Champion Gable Steveson (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that Olympic gold medalist and 2021 NCAA champion Gable Steveson had signed with the WWE. Since the NIL was enacted on July 1st, it didn't necessarily mean that his days at the University of Minnesota were finished. Any questions surrounding the matter were answered today as the WWE put out an official statement regarding Steveson's signing. The statement also mentioned that "Steveson will join the WWE roster while defending his NCAA title for the University of Minnesota."

InterMat and MatScouts both were tipped off that Steveson was leaning in this direction of competing in college, while maintaining some sort of association with the WWE. For those reasons, Steveson was included in our preseason rankings atop the 285 lbs weight class.

At this time, the depth of his involvement with the WWE is unknown; however, Steveson had plenty of options as the UFC and Bellator both expressed varying levels of interest in the star big man, so locking him up was essential.


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ban basketball (1) a week ago
*WARNING: Dangerous words about to ensue. proteck the kids from this danger NOW!*

Gee, I wonder what character they'll cook up here? Hmmm...I wonder if it will be yet another cheesy "All-American boy," perpetually draped in the flag?
Keyser Soze (1) 4 days ago
Curious why you think an All American boy with a flag draped over his shoulders like all of our medalists from the olympics is cheesy or not a good look?
D_W (1) 4 days ago
I doubt it on the "good guy" character. Unless the fans start demanding it (which they used to do by cheering for the "bad guy". Now they complain about not getting their way on social media).

One would guess by his behavior that he's being coached to generate heat (and be a heel).

I'll never see what he does, either way, nor will most here. I would've watched if he kept wrestling amateur. His gold medal match may have been more of a challenge than he was looking for.
Keyser Soze (1) 4 days ago
Earl, why is it ok for him to be a paid professional in Wrestling and still be eligible for ncaa matches?

The reason I ask is that I made the mistake as a youngster going the semi pro football route because they promised scouts and a nfl shot right away. it didn't lead to a tryout and a couple of years later I was working out with a major D! team doing pass skeleton at after their practice (filling in for their lazy TE) and did very well against some all Americans. I was asked to play for the school and offered a full scholarship. I proceeded to tell them that in my 3 years between high school and right then, I had played semi pro and been paid 750 a game.

The head coach stood up, stuck out his hand and said well, it was a pleasure meeting you son, but you are considered a professional athlete by the ncaa, good luck in your future.
Earl (1) 3 days ago
Because WWE is classified as "Sports Entertainment" not an actual form of professional wrestling. Like it wouldn't be the same as playing football in the B1G and NFL.
ban basketball (1) a day and a half ago
Keyser Soze,
*WARNING: Dangerous words about to ensue. proteck the kids from this danger NOW!*

Because it is cheesy. Anyone who has to drape themselves in the flag and try to play all-American boy is a goofball. I don't need a flag to show I'm an American.