North Idaho College's Unsung Hero Boswell is 2021 NJCAA HOF Inductee

The North Idaho College staff with Head Athletic Trainer Randy Boswell (Photo/Anna-Lee Marie;

Wrestling coaching staffs across the country are defined by household wrestling names. Often overlooked are support staff members, whose primary responsibility is keeping athletes on the mat, which is crucial to the competition process.
Inclusive in the 2021 NJCAA Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee class is a name not familiar to many households, but a face that is no stranger to wrestling's greatest moments.

Randy Boswell has been a part of four NJCAA Wrestling Championship team titles as the North Idaho College Head Athletic Trainer. He traveled with the 2013 World Freestyle team to Russia and Armenia, and was requested to work both the 2015 World Championships in Las Vegas, and the 2017 World Championships in Paris, France.

Boswell's resume is extensive on both the NJCAA and USA Wrestling platforms. What has developed immensely, and has grown his success, is the investment of relationships with both athletes and coaching staff personnel.

"I didn't get [to the Hall of Fame] on my own. That wasn't me," Boswell said. "If those coaches don't ask you to get on the bus, that never happens. I'm grateful [to] those people for asking me to tag along."

Boswell has been a crucial part of the North Idaho College Athletic Training Staff for over 28 years. The first four years, he worked with the Cardinals Head Coach John Owen, who in 1993, introduced Boswell to working international wrestling events.
Boswell's four years with Owen were followed by 22 years with Head Coach Pat Whitcomb. During Whitcomb's tenure, Boswell and Whitcomb found themselves a part of some of North Idaho's most prominent historical NJCAA moments.
"Whether it's an individual that's winning [a championship], to know what they've gone through to make it to that point, or a team title," Boswell said. "We've seen some very good moments."

Boswell's tenure with North Idaho continues under Coach Mike Sebaaly. As Sebaaly continues on the tradition of success at North Idaho, Boswell continues to be a crucial part of the Cardinal Family.

"When you talk about North Idaho College, if there is one person that has been here for it all, it's Randy Boswell," Sebaaly said. "He bleeds Cardinal Red."
Boswell stressed the importance of the relationships he has developed with the coaching staffs at North Idaho, but also his family's willingness to allow his athletic training success to carry onto other levels and locations.

"It takes a special person," Boswell said in regards to Jennifer running the household when he was traveling. "It does start there, but even when I was traveling, there were coaches that said, 'Hey, do you want to bring your [son or daughter] along?'"
Relationships, both at home and with his coaching staff, have been most important in Boswell's successful career.

Boswell and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, and two grandchildren.

North Idaho College Head Athletic Trainer Randy Boswell (Photo/Anna-Lee Marie;


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